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What happens when someone eats your slice of cake in the fridge

As part of our nature, we humans are, as most mammals, aggressive in our responses, this aggression being the factor that has let us thrive as an species, whether It was via the methods we used to get our sources of sustenance through hunting or by being able to cooperate as large groups in opposition to external threats such as as predators or rival tribes. We would like to think that we're way past this period of our evolution, being now kinder and more amicable now that the threats of the past are no longer a problem, however, this hasn't changed a bit. We'll talk about aggression and how It represents Itself in our behavior in the modern days, and demonstrating how Is totally a natural response of our human condition. Let's begin.

What we mean by Aggressiveness:

The term aggression is commonly used to describe behavior with hostile intentions, whether It is damaging the recipient of this conduct physically or emotionally, while aggressiveness is applied to the capacity to perform this kind of behavior. This concept can be mistaken with the term assertiveness, which means the quality to be confident and resilient when It comes to putting the ideas of the individual out. In this case, we'll guide ourselves by aggressiveness as the latent human desire to gain control over a situation or other people, a characteristic proper to all human beings, to a higher or lesser degree.

How does aggressiveness shows Itself?:

Pronunciated representations of our aggressiveness can be seen in moments of weakness or where we feel we're losing control, this can be seen in particular situations where the person faces a particular crisis, of the type he/she cannot control and making him/her in a tantrum. However, this kind of aggressiveness is pretty uncommon in adult behavior, where people prefer to avoid direct confrontation and resort to more passive-aggressive methods in order to show dominance, like competitiveness, assertive behavior or different ways to oppose the rival.

Aggresiveness If pushed too far:

We cannot get rid of our natural aggressiveness, as It is ingrained on our characteristics as a species. Normally, some people are more aggresive than others, all this due to certain factors like the person's upbringing or a genetical disposition, as some children are shown to be more "needy" and willing to get into aggressive conducts than other. However, If this is pushed really far, as It inevitably might be, antisocial behavior comes, where the individual is willing to do anything to get what they want, with no consideration to whether It is legal or morally acceptable. All this can be seen as an exaggerated attempt to gain control and explaining in this way the motivation behind the actions of many criminals. Not always this capacity for aggression is shown in such a direct way, as many people that are high in the spectrum of aggressiveness use different methods, such as passive-aggresive techniques or more manipulative ways that seem to be in the legal limits

How to channel aggressiveness the right way:

The best way to display your aggressiveness is in the partaking of activities that let you "show your claws" in a more healthy manner. One example of this are sports, where physical contact or an aggressive edge can give great advantages to the player when put in comparison with the other. Though this activities are not only limited to physical disciplines, as you can pour all that energy into your work, giving a better quality to the outcome of what you produce and giving you enough discipline to a have a solid work ethic while reaching mastery in the particular subject.

We hope that in this paragraphs you can get to understand your aggresiveness, accept It and come to terms with the fact that If directed in the correct manner, It can prove to be greatly beneficial to the advancement of a person in the different stages of life, and that It can be of use to you as you conduct yourself in life. Good Luck!

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