A couple hours can make the difference

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The difference between productivity and laziness can lay in only two hours

A great amount of people nowadays find themselves working constantly in 9 to 5 jobs tha don't really add up much to their level of satisfaction and self appreciation, getting in extreme cases to make them suffer greatly with the thought of just waking up and going to the office. However, there are also other people that don't work nearly as much (Maybe from 2 to 3 hours) that seem to generate much more results, and this is because of a factor that everyone seems to overlook, the difference between efficiency and time spent. With this I'm not trying to say that I know what to do in life without knowing your particular circumstances, though what I really mean is that a great amount of the time we spend at work are just filled with unproductive and unfocused results. Matter of fact, If you really decided to focus in the objective that would bring you the most results, you would find that It can be achieved in a time frame of less than 4 hours for most cases. That's why in this article I will talk about the benefits that considering what's important and what's not in your craft will bring you the best results. Let's begin:

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Much more free time.

The most obvious one. If you can get all your tasks done in a time span that's reduced in comparison with your normal time frame, you will find that you'll have so much more time in your hands to dedicate to things that will really bring you the most joy like spending time with your loved ones, working in your passion projects or just enjoying yourself.

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It is better for your capacity to focus

Many people that commit themselves to a job for 8 hours are constantly shifting from one activity to another, for example checking mails, social media and calling colleagues, all which get in the way of the core problem and make It more difficult to get a good product out. That's why If you try to reduce the time you work, you should try to put all distractions at the side and just concentrate in what you're attacking.

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Increased sense of meaning

Related to the previous point, If you just spent the majority of the time doing all sorts of unrelated tasks, you would find yourself empty, knowing that you wasted a lot of time in things that weren't worth It. If, on the opposite, you just condense the main goal into a particular task and work at It with undistracted resolve, you will find yourself much more satisfied with the final product and with your abilities to get things done. So, If you want to get the best and feel the best, you should work relentlessly for a period of time.

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I hope that this article could have been of use to you, providing you with some reasons as to why you should look at the things that really matter in your profession and getting them done in a much more reduced span of time with more focus, bring in this way better results and a much more pleasant feeling upon achieving It. Thank you for your support and good luck!

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