I Wrote on a Different Platform Today.

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3 years ago

And I think I used up all my thinking energy.

Yesterday I spent a good chunk of time, a couple of hours, pulling weeds to get the garden ready for today.

Today, I wrote a blog post for The Bad Influence Ko-fi page. The Bad Influence is a publication on Medium I edit.

Party of our mission statement is to support creativity and creatives. We want to see our writers get paid.

To that end we are soliciting donations via the Ko-fi page. We hold essay contests and give away a cash prize.

We recently received an anonymous donation of a thousand bucks. This really lit a fire in my belly to give exclusive content to our supporters. So I wrote a blog post.

After that I went out to the garden and planted vegetables until the wind picked up and have me a headache.

This isn't supposed to be a long or even an interesting article. This is me explaining why you won't find a long or interesting article by me here today.

My allergies are considering with my headache to make thinking far too difficult. I have plans, and an outline, for a read.cash cryptocurrency story.

So, my lovelies, stay tuned in the coming days. Potential sponsors, I'm not abandoning you or the platform. I'm just in a bit of pain and I haz the dumbz.

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Oh myy get well soon... Lookin forward for your blog but do not stress yourself too much.

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3 years ago