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Video games are a deadly Addiction

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6 months ago

# "Some information about playing video games"

Video games are played by children and adults because they are designed to attract us. Desirable even addictive

Video games are generally classified as entertainment media such as movies, books, series, etc. These are essentially interactive and thus different from others in user activity. Because of this skill, video games have the right to present certain stories that no other medium has the right to. So as a kind of imperfect medium, which ends with its entry or. It is simply managed by the player.

Video games can be divided into many types and subcenters, and the genres in video games do not depend solely on the story and the way we present the story (recording method, etc.). In video games, how we play the game is important (attitude, way of controlling the character, difficulties, complexity, interaction with other players, etc.). So we get genres like action, strategy, adventure, sports, role-playing games, simulation and so on. The action can be divided into more platforms, "shooters", fighting games, survival games, and more. We can also divide games into those we play alone (single player) and we play with others (multiplayer). Games have different types of focus such as storytelling, decision making, logical thinking, strategic thinking, multitasking, competition, collaborating, creating and acting a character, presenting a new world and much more. The result of this kind of diversity is a wider target audience, growing year after year and not just among children and adolescents, as stereotypes say. In 2016, the average age of someone playing a game was 35 years. The development of the gaming industry is heavily influenced by the smartphone industry, which brings games to those who would not otherwise play.

The hobby of playing video games is often misunderstood and sometimes ridiculed by those who do not play games. If we take the example of a group "shooter" (for example Counter-Strike: Global Offensive), we will very quickly notice the difference between players and observers. People who don't play games, i.e. observers, we often hear words like violence, shooting, horror, addiction, waste of time, etc., players will describe this kind of game with words like cooperation, fun, competition, group work, strategy etc. I think it is important that both parties are aware of the other party’s point of view and they also consider it with a certain understanding. It is true that games can have serious consequences for overuse (addiction, health problems, social isolation, etc.) but with moderate use we can achieve a lot (socialization, collaboration, entertainment, etc.).

Video games can be differentiated according to the device we use or the different types. However, there are many advantages to playing games, but there are also disadvantages. While playing, we face many risks like violence, inappropriate content, purchase, intrusion, theft, malware and so on. Due to inappropriate content, it is especially important to pay attention to what age the game is suitable for with the help of PGI tags, which also explains to us that it makes the game unsuitable for a certain age group.

Video game type:

-Computer game

-Console Games

-Mobile games

Free or chargeable

-Games are also divided into genres or genres. There are many types of games (action, strategy, mental, arcade, role-playing games, simulations, etc.), but these genres are often intertwined and some games cannot be assigned a single genre. As the game progresses, it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish between them, as each game features several genres.

For young children, the best games are those that are creative, make it easy to learn and play, and don't feel too demanding. For children under 10, it is especially recommended that they play single player games rather than multiplayer games due to the high risk of multiplayer games.

16-year-olds have already been able to play more demanding games, and multiplayer games are a good choice for teens because they encourage team spirit and collaboration with others. Older children find it easier to tolerate certain amounts of violence and more controversial issues, because they perceive them completely differently than younger children.

Positive effects of playing video games:

Video games enable socialization among players, especially multiplayer games that engage people and enable and encourage socialization. Through games we can learn how to solve problems effectively, which can also help in our professional life. Playing games develops imagination, reactions, ingenuity, quick decision making and other skills and allows testing.

Negative effects of playing video games:

The adult actor is able to separate the real life story from the fantasy and the children's fantasy life seems more difficult to separate from the real. So, these are under the influence of games such as a misconception about the human body (the character of overly sexual games), unrealistic images of violence, which can be transferred to real life ec because games allow you to connect players and socialize online, it is also a feeling of loneliness in real life. Can carry, as can enjoy real, real communication with people. Excessive gaming can be especially problematic because it affects other aspects of life. The downside of games is also the promotion of a sedentary lifestyle, which can lead to a lack of exercise, obesity and other related health problems. Many games require an internet connection. Communication.

Not all games are harmful.

However, it is important to be aware that violent computer games alone are not enough. In fact, the games themselves contain several genres. We know that:

Action computer games; The main challenge is to demonstrate physical strength and power. The action game is time-limited, which means the player must always be collected and responsive. Games encourage eye coordination.

Adventure computer games; The main challenge is puzzle solving and exploration. It is usually a story in which the actor gradually learns to solve puzzles and complexities. This national game awakens curiosity and creative thinking.

Computer computer games; The player is challenged to play against the computer or connect with friends and play with or against them. These are board games that encourage quick and logical thinking.

Play an important role; The challenge is to empathize with the character the actor is playing and spend some more life in the virtual world. The feature of these games is that they usually have no end, but in modern times it is mainly played by negative characters, warriors and the like.

Simulation computer games; These mimic real life, e.g. driving or playing social relationships. Features include hand-eye coordination and response to change (social games).

Strategy computer games; These are usually based on historical events. Through fun and thought they ensure the end of the game. The player is usually a third party and has control over everything that happens.

Sports computer games; It is about playing with teams and individual sports about the player chooses one character, the others are controlled by a computer. Games promote accuracy, precision and physical and organizational skills.

Why are video games addictive?

Video games have certain features that are also found in other addictive substances. Virtual Worlds not only draws the individual, but also encourages them to spend as much time there as possible through rewards and gradual progress. Since anyone can become a hero among them, they present the actors with a method that is impractical to many in the real world, not unrealistic. Playing neurotransmitters also release dopamine, the body's natural reward system. As a result, video games can cause the same feeling as the use of powerful stimulants such as cocaine.

Video game addiction is rarely seen while playing, but especially when the child does not have access to any personal computer, console or mobile device with games. If a child’s day doesn’t revolve around a play session, it’s just one of the daily activities, with parents probably (still) having no reason to worry too much.

How do you know if your son is dependent on video games?

-Pales, lack of insight and motivation Problems arise when games start to represent the peak of the period of waking up in the morning and going to bed in the evening. These are the most common signs that games have begun to take control of a child's life.

Changed Behavior: The child is annoyed, annoyed or even hostile towards parents, siblings and friends by not having access to games. He feels the events very intensely, even aggressively, during the game.

Lack of motivation: A child or teenager addicted to video games will lose interest in other hobbies, toys or sports. Learning success is also often at a disadvantage, as reps sometimes stop taking care of personal hygiene instead of thinking about the next game session of learning.

-Backward social communication: Avoid activities with family or friends, poor networking at school.

-Health problems: Headache, eye shaking, neck, back, chest, wrists, restless sleep. Less exercise can also lead to weight gain.

In fact, today's children, in the developed world, can sit at a computer from an early age. According to research, the main activity of children is playing computer games. And who gives them access? Who takes their first steps in the virtual world? Who gives them more control and direction? We, the parents, are responsible for the behavior of our children. We are forced to monitor the child's actions on computers and other media. It is important to be aware that not all computer games are for kids, and that parents must establish basic rules.

The worst part is letting your child get tired of games. Only a few. “Let him play, at least he won’t do stupid things one day he’ll get tired of it anyway,” is a big mistake of several parents. Although overly permissive attitudes about a child's interaction with video games sometimes have no consequences, ignoring the signs described above and hoping that "games" will one day escalate this deadly addiction, the teenager may come into contact with reality. Seek the help of an expert. Like most things in life, so try to follow the principles of moderation when doseing video games.

*** Lastly, children or young people are going through a lot of stress through these video games.

So let the little ones of our family have mobiles or laptops or computers in their hands.

Because video games are a deadly addiction.

# Finished ..

# If you make a mistake in my writing, please forgive me.

(Thanks) !!!!!

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Written by   72
6 months ago
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