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Story - "Magic"

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6 months ago

Suddenly a madman came and stood in front of Adhara. He grabbed Adhara's hair and raised his face.

"Your body eats your face. You have the blessings of Thakurain. I will marry you. If not, would you be able to return to life. Thakurain matches the people of love. Your marriage is written on it.

The crazy girl started jumping.

Everyone was shocked to see this shoot. Rakib, Nibi, Adhara, Arhan, Shayan did not get anything in anyone's head. So what is this madman saying about this problem again.

Now the madman started crying again.

"Janos was a blessing to me and to her and to Thakurain. Oh, I wanted to be married. But I couldn't make a family. My son-in-law died." He started crying.

"You stay calm in your jamida. Your jamida loves you fair. Thakurain himself has given this opportunity to you. Heti Mala is good." The madman left.

None of them understand that this goddess is not in a position to ask anyone again. Because now their situation in this situation will not get into anyone else's mind.

"Aren't you going to get married?"

Hearing Qazi's words, Mr. Sharif's tone changed.

"Ha ha kazi saheb you start teaching marriage. Everyone agrees."

The last defense is no more. Arhan Adhara's marriage is over. None of the 5 people are talking. Everyone is stunned. No one understood that they had to pay such a big price.

None of them can accept this marriage. They did not stop for another moment in that village. This village is a curse for them. Rakib managed the car and they left for Dhaka in that car. Rakib is sitting in the seat with the driver. Nibi has a chip with Arhan. He will not accept this marriage in any way. Elusive is sitting quietly. Shayan is sitting next to him. Shayan has not said a word till now. He is sitting with his eyes closed and leaning on his forehead with his hands.

Elusive maybe the feeling has become zero. Arhan is not getting cool thinking about how he will handle the next situation.


Mr. Sharif entered the bungalow behind everyone's eyes. No one knows the bungalow that Mr. Sharif hopes to go to, only the caretaker of the bungalow.

Mr. Sharif went straight to the room where Eran and Arhan were last night. Putting a big picture of someone on the wall of the room. He kept looking at that picture. There is no way for anyone to know what is going on in his mind.

Rafiq, the caretaker of the bungalow, still doesn't understand why Mr. Shafiq comes here. Sometimes he is very curious to know. But then he wrapped himself up again. Because Mr. Sharif does not like anyone to have any quarrel with him.

No matter how hard it may seem to see Mr. Sharif, he is soft on the inside. He may have a deep past that has made him what he is today.

A drop of water fell from Mr. Sharif's eyes. He covered the picture with a cloth. Then he came out of the bungalow behind everyone's eyes.

Everyone says that the bungalow is cursed, so it goes without saying that there are no people here.


Rakib wants to fix the situation but can't. No one is saying anything. He decided to take everyone to his house as he is alone. From night to evening no food has been put in anyone's stomach till now.

Rakib told the driver to take the car to his house. When he reached home, Rakib left everyone in the room and went to the hotel with Shayan to buy food.

"Shayan, why are you so quiet? I know a lot of big things have happened. But we have to do something. If you are so quiet, what will I do alone. What has happened to them. Why are you doing this? I agree that they are very close to you." You have to handle it. "

Shayan stared at Rakib.

Rakib frowned at Shayan. He couldn't guess what was going on in Shayan's mind. He didn't talk any more.

On the other hand, Naba grabbed Arhan's hand and said that he is there. He is not leaving Arhan in any way.

Anyway, Arhan is now the husband of Adhara. But Adhara has no headache. He is sitting quietly in the corner of the room. How will he face Akib. How will he explain everything to him. If Akib leaves him.

With great difficulty, Arhan overtook Nibi and stood in front of her lips. When he could say something, the calling bell rang.

Arhan took a deep breath and walked towards the door. He opened the door and saw Shayan and Rakib standing.

Rakib could not feed anyone even after trying hard. However, he is not the one to give up. Anyway. He has to do everything normal.

Rakib put everyone together.

"Look, that's what's going to happen. You have to think about what to do first. Sitting still like this won't do any good."

"What to do again? This marriage has no meaning. None of us believe in this marriage. Arhan loves me. And Akib's brother's elusive sister's marriage is fine. Nibi said.

Rakib looked at Arhan. Nah Arhan is not saying anything.

"What do you want elusive?"

I don't accept this marriage. I can't say why this word is elusive. Something is stopping him. He took some time.

"I don't care about this marriage either. It's forced on us."

Arhan glanced at the lips. Then he removed his eyes.

"Arhan, why aren't you saying something?" Shayan said.

"Everyone has said it all. I'll tell you what else."

No one understood the meaning of Arhan's answer.

That night they stayed at Rakib's house. The decision was that no one would ever know the news of this marriage. Arhan tells his lawyer friend that he will arrange a divorce. So that everyone thinks it is a nightmare and forgets.

Nibi is happiest. He is not willing to lose his Arhan in any way.

The next day, everyone went out like that. From that day onwards, he did not say a word to the elusive Arhan. Arhan didn't even try to talk. Everything seems strange.

As soon as Arhan reached home, his mother came running.

Akib, look at Akib's father Arhan has come.

Everyone came out of the room.

"Why are you so upset? Why are you so devastated by Maya?"

Arhan can't look at Akib. He thinks he has committed a big crime.

Arhan left the room without saying anything. Akib seemed to be stunned. He didn't say anything. Maybe Arhan was very tired. He called Adhara. But the elusive phone is still off.

Arhan took a shower. He can't forget anything even if he wants to. He seemed to be sleeping. He took a long nap.

The sound of the message woke him up. He came out of the room stunned and stood up.

# Finished

# If you make a mistake, you will be forgiven.

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Written by   72
6 months ago
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