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*** "Spring Afternoon"

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6 months ago

Suddenly a fox called. Tukhor shouted "Oma" and hugged Nitu. Nitu left the last edge of surprise.

Tukhor..Nitu sister my please you sleep with me today. does that happen. You are a boy and I alone ‌ can a girl stay in a room or not.

Tukhor bru kuchake ‌bale .. ken kein ek ghare mein ke hai.

I'm leaving.

Tukhor..please: Sister, only from tonight I will sleep with Unanur

Nitu .. Kihh you will be with such a big boy - Naini?

Tukhor .. did I know that there are such ghosts here.

Neetu .. you put him to sleep on the sofa and I in bed.

What will happen if you come and take me away. I can stay alone. Please?

Neetu..then I can't stay either.

You ... okay, but you won't sleep.

Nitu .. well. I will not sleep, now go.

Then you go to bed on the sofa with a pillow. But the object called sleep does not want to catch anything in his eyes. Repeatedly looking at that ghost in front of his eyes.

Just as Tukhor's little eye was about to catch, a dog barked loudly.

You jump up and go to bed.

Meanwhile, Nitu is pretending to be asleep, he wants to see what Tukhor does to him.

Fearing you are going to the sofa again, the dog called again, took your pillow in his hand, called Oma, went to the bed and lay down next to Nitu. Nitu sees Tukhor's frightened face and eats crush again. Now as if it is a loud sound, Tukhor grabs Nitu tightly. Nitu gets light cape. Bring the object under your control.

Meanwhile, Nitu is happy. Nitu is happy to play a drum on the head of a Takla man. Because Nitu is very happy with the use of Tukhor. A girl grabbed him but he left her! Moves.






Nitu wakes up in the morning and is ready to go to his room. He looks at Tukhor and looks like Tukhor is sleeping like a child. Butt is not wearing his clothes properly.

After a while, Tukhor's grandson came and called Tukhor. Tukhor woke up, went to the washroom and came downstairs refreshed. Tukhor is on top of him. Nitu is looking at Tukhor and Tukhor is looking at Nitu.

In reality, there will be something that you don't even dream about. So he hurries to get up from Nitu and says Nitu from behind.

Nitu..hey Mr. who will pick me up.

You .. ohhh sorry.

Then Tukhor Nitu took Nitu by the hand and lifted him from the floor.

Then Nitu went downstairs and Tukho went upstairs to his room. After a while Tukho came down again to have breakfast.

Nitu: ..Issus was a romantic moment then.

Then they all start having breakfast. Tukhor says towards the end of breakfast.

Tukhor .. Nanu, I have something to say.

Nanu..hmm, no problem.

Tukhor .. Nanu, I really want to be with you at night. that's a good thing then I will stay from today.

Thank you. Hmm.


Then we all had breakfast together. At the end of breakfast uncle said Nitu and Tukhor you two get ready we will go for a walk.

You ... no, I won't go.

Nitu Brew danced and said .. why don't you go?

Tukhor .. hey, what will happen if the dog on this side bites the dog one by one.

Uncle .. don't bite. dad, I won't go if I'm bitten.

Uncle .. well Nitu then you are ready OK.


Then Nitu and Tukhor are ready to go to the room together. Tukhor goes to his room and sits on the bed and looks at the door and sees Nitu standing.

Tukhor .. Kiri, you are ready, the dogs will bite you today.

Nitu ... aren't you really going?

Tukhor .. am I crazy or that I will go and bite the dog.

Nitu..then see these. If you don't go then I will show these photos to everyone. Now tell me if you can.

Tukhora was surprised to see the last part of the pictures. When Nitu took these pictures.

Nitu .. tell me what happened.

I will go but you will always be with me.

Nitu .. I will stay with him. You should be ready immediately

After saying this, Nitu leaves Tukhor's house. Then they both get ready and come down.

Get down

Uncle .. will you go too?

Tukhor..hum Nitu said he will always be with me so I agreed.

Uncle .. oh then let's go ..

Then they go to a rural park. Going there, Nitu wonders why such a thing will happen.

............. Finished ..............

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Written by   72
6 months ago
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