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*** "Spring Afternoon"

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6 months ago

Tukhor's father .. we are yours and Nitur .... marriage

That's right.

You ... I don't agree with anything?


Tukhor's father .. why? Why don't you agree?

Tukhor .. Dad, it is never possible. Nitu is mine

Like a sister. Tell me how to agree?


Tukhor's mother .. you have to agree. You don't see

We are organizing everything.

. I talk to Nitu separately


Nitu's mother..hmm of course. You go now

Are we talking about something?


Then Nitu and Tukhor got up together

Departs for the purpose of the room.


Going to the room, Tukho closed the door to Nitu

Dragged to the balcony.

Go and tell Nitu ..

Tukhor..Nitu, do you agree to this marriage? (With a questioning look)

. but what is the other way without agreeing to the way the parents are pressuring?

You don't agree with Tarman?

Nitu ... Hmm, that's it.


Tukhor..then I ask Tanima to come

He can come and break the marriage.

Nitu says to Bhru Kuch .. this is a girl named Tanima

Who again?


You ... my friend. Always by my side

Hopefully there will be again.

Nitu .. you love him.


Suddenly hearing Nitu's words, Tukho's light hair grew.

Tukhor .. no, my friend. I said nothing else.

Nitu .. tell me there is no problem.


Tukhor..hmm little butt she sees me as a friend and her marriage is already right

Have done.

Neetu .. I fell in love before.

Tukhor .. don't talk nonsense, tell me what you will do.


Nitu .. nothing is coming to my mind, you think.


After a while Tukhor says

You ... I will run away.


Tukhor..around 6 o'clock.

Nitu..Okay, then I will go out, all of you

Tidy up.

Tukhor..hum, you do well on the outside

Take care.


Nitu went out.

Neetu thinks in his mind that you are mine

If you make a mistake in saying plan, Mr. Tukhor.

Then Nitu went to his parents, Tukhor

Parents tell everyone. Then they

Everyone makes a plan together.

Around 6 pm

Many people come to the house

He called me and took me home.


Tukhor .. Nitu, I will leave you now

Take care of this.

Nitu .. don't worry, he will be seen in the living room.


Tukhor .. what nonsense. Fever is coming.

Neetu ... no, I meant to meet.


You're right.

Then Tukhor said goodbye to Nitu and left slowly. But whatever he saw outside Tukhor

Wasn't ready for it at all.

He came out and saw a tiger dog

She is looking at him like a tiger.

Tukhor ran inside the house.

He was not ready for what he saw.


Going there, he saw Nitu sitting on the sofa pretending to be his wife

There is a Qazi next to him.

Everyone is looking at you in such a way

As if everyone will come to you in this way.

Then a man named Kazi forced Tukhor

Who forced to confess.


In the living room


Going to the living room, another side of you is surprised


He saw an apple after a plaju


As soon as Tukhor left, Nitu greeted Tukhor and went to bed.

Then you say ::: -

I have seen you in my sister's eyes before but now when I get married

I have to admit then, but I will not look at you like a wife.

Nitu .. then what will you look like?


Tukhor..look we first became good friends of each other. Then other things can be thought. And now I am my own

I will not end freedom.


Nitu .. ok then we are friends.


Since then they have become very good friends. Every spring they run to Adarshpara village. Enjoy. After the end of spring they move to the busy city of bricks and stones. This is how their life goes on.


# Forgive me if I have made a mistake in my writing.

(Thanks) !!!!!!!!

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Written by   72
6 months ago
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