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Some Information About Exercise

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6 months ago

# "The oldest doctrine for maintaining the balance of body, mind and soul"

Yoga is our activity according to the timeless principles of non-violence, truthfulness, stealing, restraint and non-deposit.

Exercise is a way of dealing with oneself that respects purity, self-acceptance, self-discipline, self-inquiry and belief in a higher power. It keeps our minds calm.

Exercise is a body position or seat through which we feel and know our body, control it and release it.

Exercise conscious breathing. Build a bridge between body and mind between the conscious and unconscious parts of our mind. When we consciously start breathing, we control breathing (pranayama) and we can begin to control body and mind. After all, the breath fills our soul with vitality.

Exercise is the silence of the senses. Saturating our five senses is bringing us back from the outer world to the inner. Being calm in your inner consciousness.

Exercise concentration. Concentrating our thoughts on something that calms our minds.

Exercise meditation. On the way to complete peace of mind and the ultimate goal of yoga - the realization of truth, self-realization, inner freedom, liberation from the bonds that make us suffer.

Today I want to add to you 6 healing words that are part of yoga

Are you ready to increase the vital energy of your limbs, relieve stress and calm the mind? If your answer is yes, then read my post to the end.

Today you will learn about six healing words, which according to traditional Chinese medicine present the basis of self-healing, detoxification of internal organs, sensitive detoxification and protection against stress.

Can you imagine something as simple as breathing and the sound of healing your body? That you can strengthen your lungs and thus your whole immune system with visualization, an inherent smile and a simple but so powerful “SSS”?

This may sound ridiculous to you but today you will make friends with your internal organs, glands and all other parts of your body. You will establish a healing conversation with them and it will dramatically change your well-being.

These ancient sounds, which were taught to you by Master Mantak Chia, are the basis of special breathing techniques, Taoist and Chinese medicine. The practice of these healing words has a great impact on physical health and mental stability. Words take the stress away and help you breathe in the satisfaction that represents your true nature!

1. Sound Sound for Kids "" Uuuuu "


2. Healing Sound "SSSSS" for the lungs

3. Heartfelt response

4. Since the sound for success is "Huuiuuuuu"

5. Healing Sound for Survival

B. Fill the upper part of the body with the ocean of heat ..... The word for healing is "Hirii".

Tough effect:

* These connect you to the body and allow it to work optimally

* Enable body cleansing

* They help to relieve anxiety, worry and disbelief

* Strengthen the immune system

* They cleanse the liver and give peace, tenderness, gratitude and happiness to the kidneys

* These improve your overall well-being

* They calm the mind and open the heart

* Detoxify internal organs

Complement the words with an inner smile. It is a powerful and common meditation technique that melts mental and physical debris in your internal organs. Both, it weakens your immune system and takes away your well-being.

If you are often under stress, your body overheats. The more the body heats up, the more the connective tissue contracts and the worse the function of your organs. The vibrations of the healing sound have a cooling effect, so they help to soothe the heat that increases the pressure on your body.

** The last thing is, if we use the above words, then maybe many will be able to refrain from getting sick.

And we know that through exercise, our body and mind stay well and healthy.



# Finished

# Forgive me if you make a mistake.

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Written by   72
6 months ago
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