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Sad Story

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6 months ago

"Tears in Priya's eyes"




Priya: -But we will not have to eat stick-jata for a long time. And I will not be a burden to you! .... I will set you free ..

Hearing Priya's words, Mahim looked at her with angry eyes for a while. Then he started saying ..

Mahim: Hmm, I know ... (Looking at me with angry eyes)

Priya was shocked to hear Mahim's words .. and looked at Mahim with frustrated eyes and started saying ...

Priya: What do you know?

Mahim: Is there a lack of place for girls like you to go? ... Today in her house, tomorrow in her house ... If she doesn't like it, if she doesn't like it ...

(Moving away from Priya)

Listening to Mahim's words, Priya remained silent! Priya has become accustomed to listening to Mahim's words. So Priya did not respond. She stood up in a bad mood.

Mahim: (coming forward to Priya) You can do a job. Why would you go later? You should go to the market in Kali.

It will be good for you. (Looking at Priya)

Tears came to the corner of Priya's eyes as soon as she heard Mahim's words. Priya's eyes filled with tears when she saw how much a person hated her. She came to the corner of Priya's eyes just thinking about it. And she looked at Mahim with helpless eyes in frustration. After a while, tears will come to his eyes. After looking at his beloved for a while ...

Mahim: Why are you looking at my face? I said what I said for your good. (Looking at Priya)

Priya: -The last thing you said (with tears in your eyes)

Mahim: - Hmmm, it's over ...!

Priya: -Then move now let me make the bed (wipe away the tears)

Mahim looked at Priya and saw how helpless and sad Priya's face looked. She was not speaking loudly or angrily.

Priya: -What happened ..

Mahim didn't say anything else, after looking at Priya angrily for a while, he got angry and sat on the bed. Then Priya lay down on the floor and lay down facing the other side.

Mahim sat on the couch and looked at Priya ...

Mahim: You force me to go down so much. My head gets hot when I hear the words of the work. You tell me the exact words of the work and you set fire to my head. And the harder you make me, the more I burn you. I will finish it. (Looking at Priya with angry eyes, I remember)

After looking at Priya like this for a while, Mahim fell asleep! Priya is not able to sleep, she is feeling pain in her head due to talking too much with Mahim. She is not feeling well. She is just crying. Priya is just Mahim, but Mahim hates her and thinks nothing but a street girl. Tears welled up in Priya's eyes at the thought.

Priya: -I won't say anything, I won't say anything to anyone. I am burdened on the head of whoever I go to. Just two meals a day and a little wake-up call every day. It's better to fall asleep. (I wipe away the tears with my hands)

I don't remember when Priya fell asleep after shedding a lot of tears after thinking many things like this. Priya opened her eyes and saw that it was almost morning. She was not wanting to get up and she wanted to sleep for a while. I got up quickly and started working with a little water in my eyes!

After a while, Mahim woke up fresh and was getting ready to go to the office when Mahim's eyes fell on Priya's bag lying on the floor. Mahim could see that the head of the paper was like a letter from the bag (prescription written by Priya's doctor).

Mahim went to the bag and pulled the prescription with his hand. After pulling the prescription, Mahim could open it and just then Mahim came to see Mahim's ears. Leaving the bag on, he left the room.

Mahim put Priya's prescription on the bag and flew through the window and went under the bed! Mahim came downstairs and saw everyone in the house standing down ...

Orpa: -Where did you put the ball? (Angrily)

Priya: -I am saying I don't know anything. (Being helpless)

Orpa: -You know everything. Tell me, where did you keep it?

Orpa: - Apu, I'm telling the truth, I don't know anything. (Like mud)

Mahim: What happened here?

After hearing Mahim's words, everyone looked at Mahim. Then Arpa went to Mahim ..

Orpa: What else will happen? Yesterday my father gave me a bundle of 2 lakh rupees for indigo work. I left it in the room but it cannot be found today.

Mahim: -So why are you saying that? (Pointing to Priya)

Orpa: Who doesn't say that? When my father gave me the money, Priya was also in the room and Priya knew where I had left the money.

Hearing Arpa's words, Mahim looked at Priya and Priya approached Mahim and said like helpless mud ..

Priya: -Believe me, I don't have money. I don't know anything. What happened to money?

Orpa: -Shut up, no one will steal the money except you. There is still time, tell me the truth, where did you keep the money?

Before Priya could say anything, Mahim said.

Mahim: -Aapu is saying something is wrong with you and he didn't take the money ...

Orpa: You are believing in a working girl without believing me. (Looking at Mahim)

Mahim: As long as there is no proof that he has taken the money. Until then you can't say anything to him. (A little angry)

Seeing Mahim talking as Priya, Priya did not say anything and looked at Mahim with a different magical look.

Neel: - It's better to check Priya's bag than to say so much ... (Aimed at everyone)

Mahim's father: -Hmm, let's do that. This Babul is the one who comes with the Priya bag from above. (Babul looks at the housemaid)

Priya was shocked to hear about Mahim's father. Because she thinks that her prescription is in the bag ...

Priya: -No, no, I'm telling you not to touch my bag ..

Everyone looked at Priya in amazement when they heard Priya's words. Mahim said before anyone said anything ...

Mahim: No, you mean? If you didn't take the money, what is the problem with checking your bag?

Priya :-( Kapa Kapa voice) I'm saying I don't have money.

Mahim's father: - This girl, when you didn't take the money, what is the problem to check your bag?

Neil: Wait, I'll go and get it.

This time Neel went upstairs. At the time when Priya was going to catch Neel, Arpa gave her to Priya. Trying! After a while, Neel brought Priya's bag. As soon as Neel came down with Neel's bag, Priya jerked her hand, ran to Neel and cried ..

Priya: - Look, there is nothing in this bag except my clothes. Please give it to me.

Neel: Look, dear, when you didn't take it, everyone didn't see your bag. Rotate. Let me pour the bag. Rotten.

After removing Neel Priya and pouring everything in the bag, the bundle of money fell down. As soon as she put down the bundle of money, Priya's eyes went up and Priya's head seemed to break. Priya's whole world turned upside down. Priya looked at Mahim with helpless eyes with tears in her eyes. Mahim looked at him with angry eyes

Orpa: -I didn't say that no one would steal money except this Priya. (Aimed at Mahim)

"Everyone is silent"

Orpa: (coming forward to Mahim) I have been talking about big things for so long now I have seen everything with my own eyes.

Mahim said nothing and went to Priya.

Priya looked at Mahim with tears in her eyes and fear. Mahis looked at Priya in silence for a while ..

Mahim: -What are these? (Looking at Priya with angry eyes)

Priya: Believe me, I don't know how this money came in my bag (looking at Mahim crying)

Mahim's father: - Money in your bag and you say you don't know anything ??? (Chok looks at Priya with big eyes)

Priya Mahim's father came to Mahim's father ..

Priya: Believe me, father, I did not steal the money. I am telling the truth, I do not know how the money came in my bag.

Mahim's father said nothing and slapped Priya on the cheek with all his strength. As soon as Mahim's father slapped Priya on the cheek, Priya became very silent. He stood up, bowed his head and started shedding tears ..

Mahim's father: - You are still in this house just because Ayesha said so. Otherwise, I would have pushed you by the throat and kicked you out of this house. (Looking at Priya with angry eyes) (Ayesha Mahim's mother-in-law)

This time Mahim's father left. Mahim stood silently for a while and looked up at Priya and then went upstairs.

Priya is standing with her head bowed like a culprit and shedding tears. Priya and Arpa are humbled to leave ... Arpa came to Priya in anger when she saw Priya crying ..

Orpa: I am telling you not to do this dishonesty .... Nothing has happened and if anything has happened then this is the punishment for stealing you (looking at the angry Priya)

Priya is not saying anything, she is just crying with her head down.

Orpa: -I think that I like it very much. Now I am going to work without doing much dishonesty. (Threatening in an angry voice)

Priya: -I'm going (crying)

Priya was shedding tears and working all day today. In fact, Priya herself does not know how the bundle of money came in her bag, who kept it. Even without stealing, everyone thinks she is a thief now. Everyone is so insulted and beaten by lying! If his parents were alive, maybe not so much would have happened.

Everyone was so neglected and insulted that even then everyone didn't have to be beaten. They didn't have to endure all this because there was no place to go.

Priya was thinking these things and was working with her eyes closed. No one has any value of Priya's words. No one believed her words. Today, I miss my dear parents very much. I want to hold my parents and cry! After working all day, after finishing all the work, I came to the room and started to shed tears by taking the picture of her parents. Tears without eating all day. The pain started in Priya's head. And Priya can sit. Priya looked at the picture of her parents and cried and took the medicine!

At night Mahim returned home and entered the room

Priya is not in Russia. Mahim went to the office without eating in the morning. And today there was a little base chap in the office. Mahim did not have time to eat. Mahim looked very tired. Mahim is sitting on the bed.

Priya: -Your food? (Upset)

Mahim heard Priya's voice and looked at Priya.

Mahim can see how Priya's eyes are swollen and her face seems to have dried up. It seems that she has been working without eating anything since morning. She noticed that her fingerprints were still on Priya's cheek. How can I know Priya? I know why he doesn't want to be angry now. How do I know that there is a Maya for Priya. Mahim got up without saying anything ..

Mahim: -Keep it. (Quietly)

Without saying anything else, Priya lowered her head and put the food on the table. Then she came to Mahim.

Priya: You had something to say. (From behind Mahim)

Mahim turned around when he heard Priya's words. And after looking at Priya for a while ..

Mahim: Me?

Priya: -Hmmm you ...

Mahim: Do you have anything to say to me again ...?

Priya: There was one thing to know (calmly looking into Mahim's eyes

Mahim: What?

Priya: - About the morning incident ...

Mahim: Look, I don't want to talk to you about that!

After listening to Mahim, Priya was silent for a while and started saying ...

Priya: -You know my father never touched me .... and today your father touched me for lying. (Looking at Mahim's eyes in a dazed way)

As soon as Mahim saw that, Priya's eyes filled with tears.

Priya: -If my parents were alive today, maybe I wouldn't have to stay in your house like this! ..... Everyone in your house is a thief to me .....

Mahim saw Priya could not say anything more. Priya's crying increased.

After Mahim looked at Priya in silence for a while ..

Mahim: Look at someone's thoughts but I have no control. (Quietly)

Hearing Mahim's words, Priya looked at Mahim with tears in her eyes ..

Priya: Do you also think that I stole the money (looking into Mahim's eyes)

Mahim: -See the most simple thing is that a bundle of money was stolen from my house or not found, it was found in your bag ..... If everyone thinks you are a thief, tell me what to do. So I have no control.

Priya: -I am not talking about everyone. I am talking about you ....

Mahim: -I mean ..?

He wiped away the tears when he heard Mahim's words. Then after being silent for a while, he started saying ..

Priya: I mean, are you thinking what everyone is thinking? (Looking at Mahim with helpless eyes)

Mahim was silent for a while about Priya. Then ...

Mahim: Since when have you been paying so much attention to my thoughts (looking at Priya)

Priya: Don't answer my question first (like tears)

Mahim: -No, before you answer my question, since when have you been giving so much importance to my thoughts ??

Priya is silent, not saying anything. Mahim looked at Priya silently and started saying.

Mahim: Surely there is no answer?

Priya: - Yes ...

Mahim: What do you say?

After listening to Mahim's words, Priya was silent for a while ..

Priya: - Even if you know the answer, what can be given to answer all the questions!

Mahim: -Stop the hayalita. If there is an answer to what I am asking, then give it to me, otherwise leave it in front of my eyes. (Angry and annoyed)

Priya: -I ever come and stand in front of your eyes ?? .. I stay away (in a weeping way)

Mahim is silent!

Priya: I will move again. (Crying)

Mahim is silently looking at Priya, I am not saying anything!

Priya: - I just needed to know this one thing so I said.

Mahim: What?

Priya: This is what everyone is thinking, is that what you are thinking ..

Mahim: -Why I am not one of you. What I thought or did not think, what is yours?

Priya is silent! Mahim saw Priya being silent and started saying ..

Mahim: -Oh since I brought you to this house, I let you stay in this room. Tomorrow I will not let you out of this house, so you are giving so much importance to my thoughts. Is that so? (Looking at Priya angrily)

Priya is not saying anything silently! She is standing silently with tears in her eyes.

Mahim: In fact, you are a clever person, not only clever but also selfish (moving away from Priya).

When he heard Mahim's words, he started crying like a child.

Priya: -Say yes. Tell me as many bad things as there are more. Because everything in the world is bad, I am the same.

Mahim: - It's been a long time. Now listen carefully to what I'm saying. When my father didn't let you out of the house, I won't let you down either. Now go to your place and go to bed.

Priya said while Mahim was leaving the room ..

Priya: But I didn't ask you just for fear of being evicted (from behind Mahim)

Mahim stopped when he heard Priya's words. Then Mahim stood up and looked at Priya. Then he remained silent towards Priya. Priya is not saying anything else. He is looking at Mahim's eyes with tears in his eyes.

After a while ..

Mahim: Then?

After Priya looked at Mahim with wet eyes for a while ...

Priya: -Your thoughts are also valuable to me ... a lot (looking into Mahim's eyes with wet eyes)

----------- Finished ------------

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Written by   72
6 months ago
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