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Sad Story 😥

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6 months ago

"Tears in Priya's eyes"💔

Mahim: What do you think? Do I love you because I came with you, I accept you as my wife (I came forward to Reggae Priya and shouted angrily)

Priya: -Why am I going to think that? Being your wife is a fantasy I think (looking at Mahim)

Mahim: -Do me so much, think me so bad that you don't even imagine being my wife (looking at Priya in your mind)

Priya: You don't love me, you can't stand me. I don't deserve to be your wife. So I don't even imagine being your wife. (Looking at Mahim in my mind)

Mahim looked at Priya in silence for a while and then lay down on the bed! And Priya is sitting in the chair and looking out of the window thinking, her uncle will never let her stay at home! Who will you go to? There is no one else in the world to tell you. If her mama had survived today, then life might not have been like this. She would not have had to endure everyone's neglect and humiliation.

In the morning Mahim and Priya woke up, said goodbye to the gentleman and his wife and left for Priya's village house! The two of them are sitting in the car in silence, no one is saying anything. Priya took her back in her hand Mahim noticed that Priya was staring at the picture with tears in her eyes! Priya's parents kept this picture with her since she died in an accident when she was a child. Priya's mother- There is no existence of father in this world. When Priya feels very upset and helpless alone, then this picture fades away and she thinks in her mind that her parents are with her.

After coming some distance to the village of Priya

Priya: - Brake the car, I'll get off here!

Mahim: -You haven't come to your uncle's house yet!

Priya: -No come, I'm telling you to brake the car!

Then Mahim parked the car on one side of the road and obeyed from the car. Priya also obeyed from the car and took her bag in her hand.

Mahim: Is there still a long way to go?

Priya: -Thakuk, I can walk, you don't have to bother for me anymore.

Mahim: -And we will be together for a while, this time you don't want to be with me anymore, I'm so annoyed. When you don't want to be together then neither do I (remember)

Mahim: -Hmm, that's what I find very boring.

Listening to Mahim's words, Priya's insides seemed to explode, thinking that she was so useless in the world that she could get close to the jar and become overwhelmed. ..

Priya: -Okay, you'll be fine!

This time Priya was leaving with the bag, and Mahim was standing and watching. Priya was going and shedding tears. Mahim was standing and just looking and not saying anything. After some distance, Mahim got up from the car and started the car. Priya left the car. After getting up, he turned around and looked helplessly at Mahim's car. After looking at it for a while, he wiped away the tears with his hands and left for his uncle's house.

As soon as Priya entered her uncle's house, she was very happy to see her uncle and ran to Priya and said

Mama: - Dear mother, how are you? When are you real?

Priya's uncle came out of the house after hearing Priya's uncle's words.

Mama: -Where is the son-in-law?

Priya is not saying anything, she is standing silently with her head bowed.

Mama: Why aren't you saying anything? Tell me what happened? Where is the father-in-law? Are you standing outside?

This time Priya's uncle was going out, Priya said ..

Priya: -Mama, your son-in-law is gone ...

When Priya heard this, her uncle came to Priya again and looked at Priya in surprise ..

Mama: You mean gone?

Priya's aunt: - I still don't understand, your son-in-law has gone to Raikha in your Priya, it means he has gone to Chaira.

Mama: Are you talking nonsense? (In a slightly angry voice)

Aunty: I am right, what do you think? An uneducated person like this sweetheart, will I be rewarded as the wife of such a big house in Gaiya Meyer?

Mama: -Everything is there my dear !! (Comes to Priya) Dear mother, why aren't you saying something? Tell me, your aunt is telling all lies?

Priya is not saying anything, only tears are flowing from her eyes.

Mama: -Kire Ma, why are you crying? Tell me all the lies that your aunt is saying?

Priya :-( crying) Yes, what Mama Mami is saying is true ...

The sky seemed to fall on Priya's uncle's head when he heard Priya's words. He sat on the chair behind her back. And Priya's aunt heard Priya's words and started coming towards Priya

Mami: -You knew everything about Sheila, you didn't want to take revenge on me and you didn't say anything to me. You went to that house and got married. Isn't that right? (Angry voice)

Priya is not saying anything, just standing and shedding tears.

Aunty: -How is it still happening? Is it your hobby to be the wife of a big house? How many dramas did you get married to?

You're going to stay in my house again? I'm not going to let you stay in my house anymore. Right now my house is fenced off (shouting in an angry voice).

Priya dropped her knees in front of her aunt and started crying loudly with both hands

Priya: -Auntie, please don't ask me to leave the house and win. Tell me, who else do I have in this world except you and Mama? I have nowhere else to go. Where shall I go? Who will I go to?

Mami: - I will not have any more love this time. I have been watching this drama of yours for the last 20 years, and not the one that is growing in my house. (Now Priya washed her hair)

Priya: -Auntie hold your two legs (hold both legs) Don't let me out of the house. You tell Jai I will do it

Aunt: - I understand that good words will not work!

This time Priya's aunt kicked Priya with a stick, and when Priya went to the seat and hit her uncle's chair, Priya's forehead burst and blood began to flow. Priya saw blood on her forehead. Then Priya got up from the ground. Priya could not stand properly. He managed to control himself with great difficulty! Then he wiped away the tears, took the bag in his hand and left the house. While leaving the house, Priya tried to stop Mama Priya but Priya just said, "I will find a place to stay, you take care of yourself, Mama." Priya wandered around all day (to work in someone's house) but couldn't find a job anywhere! Late at night, all day long she hadn't eaten anything yet, she couldn't walk well with a headache. Suddenly he heard the sound of someone's footsteps behind him. Priya stood up and raised her ears, again she heard the sound of someone's footsteps. Two sons, Priya Sa. I remembered, Priya's body was trembling with fear, no words were coming out of her mouth. Priya tightened the bag and held it in her chest.

Priya :-( in a trembling voice) Who are you? Leave the way

1st boy: - We are human but where did the fairy come from in this deep night? (Smoking a cigarette)

2nd boy: - What beauty, no one took you today? Come with us, we are two, I will give whatever it takes, there will be no problem!

Priya :-( in a trembling voice) see you are doing well, leave the path and let me win. (Scared)

The second boy grabbed Priya's hand while she was leaving.

2nd boy: -Hey Sundari, where are you going? Don't we think of Malda? (Holding Priya's hand tightly)

Priya ran away with her hands outstretched with great difficulty, and her son Gula followed Priya.

While Priya was looking back again and again, Priya was hit by a car. The driver quickly braked the car and obeyed. Priya looked up and saw that the driver was no one else. I started crying. The boys saw Mahim and ran away in fear. Mahim turned around and saw Priya standing like a child holding the bag between her breasts in the cold.

Priya :-( Kapa Kapa voice) Are you here?

Without saying anything, Mahim took a picture from inside the car and said ..

Mahim: I came to give it to you.

Priya took the picture in her hand and saw that she was forgetting the picture of her parents.

Mahim was leaving without saying anything, at that time Priya Mahim stood in front and started crying loudly.

Priya: -Please don't leave me, Mahim Babu, don't accept me as your wife but know me as the 'working girl' of your house. I will never claim the right of wife to you or your wife Sihab. Your housemaid I will not be. I do not have to pay, a little place to stay and double-dumutho rice, I do not want anything else. Please Mahim Babu please do not leave me.

# Finished ....

# Forgive me if I make a mistake.

(Thanks) !!!!!!!!!

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Written by   72
6 months ago
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really sad story back my article please

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6 months ago

Thank you so much devjani...

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6 months ago