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Romantic Story

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6 months ago

# "You_are_mixed_in_heart"💕

Past, life: Neela's love story

Blue: Hi bro. How are you

Life: I'm fine. How are you?

Neel: I was not well. It's good to see you.

Life: Who is this girl with you? I think Gough.

Neela: Sala, this is my sister Neela. 5 minutes shorter than me.

Life: What does 5 minutes short mean? They are twins.

Blue: Hmm. We are twins.

Life: Today I first saw boys and girls twin together.

Sapphire: Sapphire will study with us at our varsity from now on.

Sapphire extended her hand towards life.

Sapphire: Hello. I am Sapphire. And you?

Jeevan: (I did a hand check for the sake of politeness) I am Jibon Chowdhury. Now let's go to class.

Sapphire: Sure.

Life did not talk to any girl. From that day on, life started talking a lot with Neela as a friend. Meanwhile, Sapphire gradually became weak towards life. Sapphire began to live a good life. After their semester exams, Neel learns that Neela loves life very much. But could not say.

Neel: When did I fall in love with my friend ...

Sapphire: What do you want to say? Why should I fall in love?

Blue: So what are these letters? Why just say my friend's name?

Sapphire: Do you mean?

Neel: Stay ... I don't have to say anything else, I understand everything.

Sapphire: Please don't tell anyone. I love life so much.

Neel: So does life know?

Sapphire: I haven't told him anything yet. Please do something.

Neel: Yes, I can do it by telling my parents. I will say that your darling daughter is in love.

Neel: Please don't say anything. You are my 5 minute big brother.

Neel: What has happened? I will tell you what I mean ....

Sapphire: The day I will not be there, I will understand the value of my sister. Don't understand today.

Neel: Where are you going? I won't let him go anywhere.

Sapphire: Then make a plan where I can tell my mind to life.

Blue: Idea. You can speak your mind in the park. I will bring life to the park by telling lies.

Sapphire: If this is not my brother.

Saying this, Sapphire grabbed Neela. Such as two birds without a mother.

Neel: I see that the caress is dripping.

Sapphire: Which is the son-in-law of Shankchunni from here. Tar's wife will be Petni of Sheora tree. And look how handsome the bride is

Neel: My wife will be more cute than the groom.

Sapphire: Let's go from here. Or call my mother. I'll tell you you killed me.

The next morning, Neela's life seemed to be lost and she could speak her mind. He is very worried about this. How to say. I don't understand where to start. On the other hand, Neel calls Jiban to the park. Life thinks he has to listen to music so he takes the guitar with him.

Life: High year. Suddenly I called here.

Blue: Let's go, Dad. I can't even call you now.

Life: What am I saying? If you don't call, who will call? You are my only dear friend.

Sapphire: Jigar of that soul and me. I don't understand anything. I will remember why. I am Ranu Mandal. (Owl-like face)

Life: You are my only girl friend. Have I been talking to any girl for more than 1 minute till today? Without you

Neel: Then fight. I feel a little dizzy. (Gestures to Sapphire to speak her mind)

Life: Where are you going? I'm talking. The blue disappeared before him.

Sapphire: Let's sit somewhere and talk. Or stand here and talk.

Life: Okay, let's sit down and talk.

The two of them are talking about many things but Sapphire can't speak her mind. At that time the wind started blowing hard and it started raining. Life loves rain so much that he sang a song.

♪ ♦ Rimjhim in this section ♪♪

♪♪ wants to lose heart ♪♪

♪♪ To trap me in this love. ♪♪

Sunai ragini to the tune of rain came more than the clouds came. ♪

I think the dream started at random ♪♪

♪ ♥ Love story ♥

Sapphire: When can you sing so many romantic songs.

Life: I can't. But I can only do this song. This song rings in my ears when it rains? I don't even know why it rings.

Sapphire: I want to tell you something today. You will listen to me.

Life: Hmm, tell me. Who is agreeing? I will listen to you. If I don't listen to you, who will I listen to?

Sapphire: I can't think where to start.

Life: Start from one side.

Sapphire closed her eyes and took a deep breath

Sapphire: I have fallen in love with you since the day I saw you. I don't know what kind of magic you have. My addiction is only towards you. At first I thought it was my fascination with you. But later I realized that I love you. I can't live without you Please don't give me back. I will try to keep you well with all my heart.

Life: I just think you're a good friend. As I thought of your brother Neel.

Sapphire: Why? I can't be loved. I am not worthy of you.

Life: I don't mean that. You are my best friend I can't involve you in my life.

Sapphire: Tell me what is lacking in me. I love you from the heart And I will love you forever.

Life: But I don't love you. I will be your friend forever.

Sapphire: Why can't you marry me and stay by my side.

Life: You still don't understand. You made these decisions by mistake. Think calmly.

Sapphire: I have thought a lot. I'm honest I love you so much. I can't live without you

He couldn't say anything before he was overwhelmed

Life: I thought you were a good person. I have always supported Tar. Today I will repay him with all these. I know third class girls like you.

Life goes on without saying anything else. Meanwhile, Neela's tears are not obeying the barrier. Today nature is also crying with him. Like Sapphire, nature is also helpless. Neela couldn't stand Neela's crying and stood in front of her.

Sapphire: I lost. Life does not love me.

Blue: Don't break. But if love is true, you will win one day.

Sapphire: Life does not love me. Who will I live with?

Neel: Why are we dead (2 brothers and sisters are holding each other and crying)

Sapphire lost consciousness while soaking wet in the rain.

Nila: Sapphire, get up. Get up this sapphire. He has lost so much knowledge on average. He has to be taken home now. Neel takes Neela home. Blue & Sapphire No one comes to varsity for 15 days. Meanwhile, life cannot go on without them. She is also suffering from depression. Sapphire came to the varsity on the 16th day. Life is very happy to see Sapphire. But it is temporary. Sapphire proposes life in front of everyone at the varsity

Sapphire: Life I love you. Seeing Neela's proposal, all the students of the varsity clapped their hands loudly.

Life is nothing but respect. I don't love you. Jiban Chowdhury will love third class girls like them.

Sapphire: Insult me ​​as much as you can. I will not say anything. Just give me a little love. Life: I have opened a love shop that I will love you.

Life leaves varsity without saying anything else. Sapphire also came after him. Jeevan sees Tisha in front of the gate and proposes to her to save her from Neela.

Life: Do you love me

Tisha: Yeah .. I love u

Life: I love u 2

Sapphire: Life you can't do that. I love you for 2 years

Life: But I don't love you. I love Tisha.

Sapphire: No, it can't be. I do not believe.

Life: What can I do with your faith? You are not one of me. I took the right to have a good friend today.

Sapphire: (Holding on to the legs of life) Please don't make such a wrong decision. Think about it.

Life: Life Chowdhury can never make a mistake. Never again. (Saying this, Sapphire is removed with Nathi)

Sapphire: You hit me, I won't say anything. I love you

Life: You need mental treatment. You are mentally weak.

Sapphire: I will not mind as much as you insult me. If you put a little space under your feet.

Life: I will not make a mistake in loving you I thought you were a friend. And you stabbed me.

Sapphire: I don't want anything. Leave me forever as your workman. Don't want anything else.

Life: I will bring Nagini among us tomorrow. And if you try to come among us, you will see my dead face.

Sapphire: I will never come to him. I will leave forever. But yes, this girl will never be yours.

Life: Yes, leave our lives forever. I find your shadow unbearable now.

Sapphire: I will never come among you again. Neela Khan is talking. Sapphire never breaks the word.

That day was the last day of Neela's life. Sapphire left everyone that night.

I cried after writing so much. How much love a man can give up his life.

#Finished ...

# Sorry if the spelling is wrong.


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Written by   72
6 months ago
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