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Romantic Love Story

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6 months ago

# "Love_is_Everything"




Hiya - You have to decide today who you love.

- I couldn't think what to say. So I said it would take me a while. Saying this, I went home.

What should I do ...... The whole day passed thinking. I have loved Hiya for almost 4 years. That class ৮ when I read.

Is it possible to forget so many years of love in one month?

The next day in college, Mithila Riyadh and Riya stood in one place.

Seeing that everyone is silent .... Riyadh said ....

Riyadh - Tell me what you thought all day tomorrow ..... tell me now

- I'm just talking to you as a friend. Maybe this month has been very close, but I have loved Hiya for 4 years. It is not possible for me to forget him. Im knife Mithila.

Mithila - I sat down with my head bowed.

Hiya - ran and grabbed me. I know you can't love anyone but me. I couldn't make two eyelids together all night yesterday.

- What will the Empress say if everyone sees this?

- Mithila, I'm telling you again.

Mithila - Ha ha ha ........ Hey hou do you think I will leave you so easily. I didn't tell you one thing, (pulling my collar) I didn't do what I wanted. If not, don't let anyone get it.

Mithila called me and left.

We are all looking at Mithila with a smile.

Riyadh - Let's save Baba. We used to think of this Gundi girl. Hiya tui bachali sister ..

Hiya - angry throat ..... next time don't talk about that girl in front of me anymore. And Rohan, if you ever talk to any girl, I told you I will really kill you.

- Okay, Empress. Let's give a treat this time because I have become a BF and give up the right of best friend or not, what Riya.

Rhea - That's right.

Hiya - ok ok. Let's treat all of you today.

Finally without college we went to the restaurant ....

Hiya - Tell me what you want ,,, Well, like everyone else, I will pay all the bills today, don't worry.

We ordered the work according to the word.

Eating started. In the meanwhile Hiya suddenly got up and went to the wash room.

After 5 minutes, when he came out of the washroom, he left the restaurant without saying a word.

He didn't even call us. I gave him a call but he didn't receive the call.

Rhea - What happened to her?

I didn't understand that he would do that. So I didn't go after him.

In the end I had to pay the bill myself.

Being very angry with Hear. Why did Hiya do that? I have to leave because it didn't happen.

I called many times that day but her phone was busy.

I have not been able to communicate with Hear in any way for the last two days.

I did not receive the call even before coming to the college today.

Sitting in class, I and Riyadh are talking ,,,, Suddenly I saw Hiya duklo in class.

He didn't tell me where he was in college today. Anyway ... there are a lot of things. I have to give him the answer to everything. But Hiya pretended not to see me and sat next to Rudra.

I can't believe my eyes. What is happening to me. How is this possible?



Today is a little busy so I could not make it bigger. The next part will be bigger.



A question for dear readers ....?

[Hiya is doing this with Riyadh ,,, what do you think you must tell in the comments. Let's see if my thoughts match yours.]



# Finished ......................

# If you make a mistake, you will be forgiven.


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Written by   72
6 months ago
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