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Romantic Love Story

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6 months ago





-> "(Angry) Are you just telling me like girls .. Quickly see where they have gone. I'm sure there is Juhi there. And listen, if you can't find them, then I will cut them into pieces and feed them to dogs." (Someone)

-> A little scared "OK sir we are following now." (.....)

-> Leaving the phone, "Jisan Chowdhury, how long will you keep your sister alive? I will see the end. I have lost my brother for your sister. I will finish everything for you. Shalari, if Shahriar Shaheen had not come from the middle, I would have done it. ”(Edge)


-> "Where are we going now, sister?" (Fog)

-> "First we tell Shishir to come. Then we will see where to go. What do you say ??" (Juhi)

-> (mumbles) "Will he be free now. I mean he will go somewhere with us." (Fog)

-> "(with a smirk) No matter how busy he is, I told you he will be on our trip today." (Juhi)

-> Juhi was a little embarrassed to call her ‘Kuasha’. Then Juhi called Shishir.

-> "Kiri Chhota Pichchi !! You forgot Bhabi after falling in love with her. I found her after going to varsity and attacking her. Then I got lost like your unromantic brother." (Juhi)

-> ”Listen, I have not fallen in love with a new one. I have fallen in love with your sister before, but your sister was eating bhoo. And yes, my brother is not an unromantic, a super hero. ”(Dew)

-> "I can see what is romantic. Keep your wife away from yourself, go out and pour water on the rice plant." (Juhi)

-> Hihihi ..... (dew)

-> "Look, if you don't laugh, then I'll break your teeth. And yes, that's why I called you. I have run away from the foggy house. To enjoy today as you do. If you want, you can join us. We can get an assistant. ”(Juhi)

-> (Surprised) "Have you run away from home? Also to go around." (Dew)

-> ”Who escaped !! Not just to turn around. To turn around like myself. Where no one can stop me, I can do whatever I want. Do you understand? ”(Juhi)

-> "I understand. But if I told my brother or me, I would go for a walk. Even then, I could go for a walk like myself." (Shishir)

-> ”Listen to this !! I won't take your brother's name in front of me anymore. How many guards do I have to go around for that beta khabis. And whether he will let me go around for free. And yes, I told you to join us. I don't want to join (angry). ”(Juhi)

-> "Hey dad why are you so angry? What did I say again? I'm just ....." (Dew)

-> "Stay and don't have to say. Now tell me whether you will join us or not". (Juhi)

-> "Yes, I will. But where are you?" (Shishir)

-> "We are in CNG now. But after a while I will get off next to Bono Park Bridge. You go there." (Juhi)

-> "Okay, stay there, I won't go anywhere until I come. I'll come, I'll take you wherever you want to go." (Shishir)

-> "Okay, you leave soon." (Juhi)

-> Juhi and Kuasha got out of the car and sat on a bench. Juhi looked to the right and saw two bodybuilder boys standing in the distance and looking around. Which orphanage. Juhi looked closely and saw that Shahriar Shahin's name was the first name of the big donors in that paper ...

Then Juhi started walking towards the two boys. Seeing the two boys Juhi coming towards them, he swallowed two or three times. And when he stood in front of them, the two boys became a little scared.

-> Juhi saw them startled and said. ”What happened? Why are you startled? (Smiling) There is no reason to be afraid to see me. You may be afraid to call me Jisan Chowdhury's sister. Colddown I am not a tiger bear who sees me. You have to be scared. ”(Juhi)

-> A little smile on his lips when he heard Juhi's words. "Ma'am, nothing like that. It's a little like seeing you come to us ..." (two boys)

-> "It's over and I don't have to say. Well now tell me the name of the orphanage in your hand paper. Who runs this orphanage ??" (Juhi)

-> One of the two boys said. "Ma'am, this orphanage is a private orphanage. It used to be run by the late Mr. Khalil Chowdhury.

-> Juhi thought for a while what I know. ”Oh !! To my knowledge, Shahriar Shaheen can take the responsibility of managing it alone? ”

-> "Ma'am, at first he wanted to take full responsibility for it alone. But the memory left by the late Khalil Chowdhury will be gone.

-> Juhi cried emotionally after hearing the words. She still could not recognize her Shahriar well. Shahriar Shahin is doing such a beautiful job. He is helping to save the memory of a person from all sides and whether he is ...... chi .. All the while rescuing Shahriar's fourteen. Juhi might have got angry if he hadn't heard anything good here too.

-> "Ma'am, why are your eyes watering?"

-> Wipe away the tears with your hands. "Nowhere. Well, from the paper in your hand, give me a paper? I will tell my brother to cooperate a little." (Juhi)

-> As soon as Juhi left the two boys, the two boys seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. One of them said to the other.

-> As soon as Juhi sat down in the fog, she looked ahead and saw Shishir coming towards them.

-> A little angry "What do you guys think. When the girls go out on the road alone, everyone will attack them. I ran away from home today because I don't want to travel this paramount life all the time. Even then I will do the same thing." (Juhi)

-> ”Sorry ghost !! I didn't say that. I just searched for you. ”(Shishir)

-> "Did you call me a ghost again?" (Juhi)

-> Holds the ear "I will not tell him anymore. But now he says where do you want to go?" Looking at the fog. (Dew)

-> "Who are you talking about? I'm not your girlfriend." (Juhi)

-> After hearing Juhi's words, the fog went to say something and coughed and went up to the palate. Then Shishir ran to fetch water from the shop. Seeing that, Juhi took out a bottle of water from the bag. I am not ashamed to hear everything. ”

-> "Can you love yourself in my shame. And I can't say." (Jahi)

-> Juhi's hand is pressed "Apu is coming with a little stop and water. Maybe you will hear." (Fog)

-> (Laughs) "If you hear me, I'll tell you." (Juhi)

-> Pushing the water bottle from behind. ”What are you talking about, madam.” (Shishir)

-> Seeing that the fog was not saying anything, Juhi said. "Shishir, did you tell the fog that you are getting married this year?"

-> After hearing Juhi's words, the fog yawned, looking at Juhi. And the dew was looking at the fog. When the two of them could say something, then Juhi (laughing) said again. ”You don't have to be surprised anymore. ”

-> They both sighed "Oh well"

-> "Well, Shishir used to say where to go now?" (Juhi)

-> "You can go to many places. But tell me where you have gone for a walk. I am taking you to that place." (Shishir)

-> "I don't know that much. But the fog says where to go." (Juhi)

-> "Oh, he said where do you want to go madam." Aimed at the fog. (Dew)

-> Amata-amata "Amito Pushpa, I told you to go for a walk. That is my favorite forest." (Fog)

-> ”Oh that's right !! That place is my favorite. When I go to that place, I lose myself in the midst of thousands of flowers. There are so many flowers out there, so to speak, that place is a paradise of flowers. I get drunk with the smell of flowers. (Dew)

-> The fog scratched his head and said. "I can't go out alone anymore. Even then, when Motu goes out with his thin uncle, it is already ten o'clock in the morning. Then how can I see your flower wet flower in the morning dew."

-> Juhi is surprised "Your flower is really so beautiful. Then I have to see. Also I like flowers very much." Very happy. (Juhi)

-> "Okay, that's what Anga Maharanis are talking about." (Shishir)

-> Juhi and Kuasha giggled, holding their right hand close to Shishir's head.



-> Some people stood some distance away from Juhid and now they called their boss Pranta. Pranta received the call .. "It takes you so long to follow those girls. Now tell me quickly what news I got."

-> ”Sir, we have been following them for a long time. The two girls are Jisan Chowdhury's sisters Juhi and Kuasha. Shahriar Shaheen's hired suitor. So sir we can't do anything. ”(........)

-> Terrified, "Be careful not to go in front of them. Shahriar Shahin's brother's village should not have a single achar. If something happens to his brother, Shahriar Shahin will not even think 1 minute to ruin us all." (Edge)

-> ”OK sir !! So what do we do now? ”(........)

-> "You follow from a long distance. But so that no one can see you. And will inform me after a while. When I see the dew will leave them. Then I will jump on those girls." Satani with a smile. (Edge)

-> Pranth is thinking while leaving the phone. Why Shahriar Shahin can be seen with Jisan's family. Is there any other relationship with Jisan except Shahriar Shahin's political relationship. I think there is another relationship. Or Shahriar Shahin's son is always behind that Juhi. - Why you can see. What is the relationship between Shahriar Shahin and Jisan. Shahriar Shahin is always giving safety to Jisan's family.

-> After the meeting, I called Jisan. I got angry as soon as Jisan received the call. ”I will make a mistake, you and I will pay the price. I gave you a responsibility and you can not fulfill that responsibility properly. Then tell me what I do with you. . ”

-> ”What are you saying Shahriar I do not understand anything? Why are you so angry? And I or what I could not fulfill the responsibility. ”(Jisan)

-> Very angry "Tell me what duty you have done. Juhi, where can you tell now? And now he is out again without any guard. The security guard has come out lying. You can understand how dangerous it is to go out alone." (I )

-> ”What are you talking about !! When I came, I saw Juhi at home. And why did he leave the house without a guard? Well, brother, don't be angry anymore, I see the matter. ”(Jisan)

-> "You don't need to see anymore. I have arranged a shooter guard to protect Juhi." (I)

-> ”Well I understand !! But who will give you the news? ” Amata amata. (Jisan)

-> "Your luck is good and Shishir calls me as soon as he leaves. And Shishir informs me. And if I was late to know or something happened, the rest would have become history for you (in anger)." (I)

-> I swallowed two or three times. "Look, I'm sorry brother. I won't make such a mistake again." (Jisan)

-> "Huh, that's what I expect from you. Don't make any more mistakes. And they're actually at home, they don't need to be angry. Juhi has fog and dew." (I)

-> Jisan took a deep breath leaving the phone. Jisan seemed to be talking to his yam for so long. Jisan was very happy in his mind. Because he got a husband like Shahriar to take care of his sister. He is.

I sighed again, thank you Shahriar, thank you. If it weren't for you, my family might have been ruined in so many days.

# Finished .....

# Sorry for the mistake.

(Thanks) ...

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Written by   72
6 months ago
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wow you are just amazing writer. i love romantic love story pleae upload some more. i am waiting for reading your next story

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So nice post dear..

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So good article

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Thank you

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