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# Mr.Scientist

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6 months ago

This is all nonsense, don't put the anklet on my leg. Denare, hey debt.

Just setup. That is not wise, scientist. Uncivilized girl, I will put anklets on your feet, what do you think.

Why not Dibina, Hmm, why not Dibina. I don't see on TV how beautiful the hero and heroine are wearing anklets.

He kisses my feet. And why can't you teach me? (Rimi)


Stupid girl, always just talk nonsense from the front.

Rimi ... I won't burn.

Calm down .. give him a lesson.

Simanta is an anklet of Bulbuli despite her reluctance



Calm down .. I wish I hadn't gone to my grandfather's house that day, surely this calamity would not have befallen me.

......... Flashback ........

This cool daddy got up and saw what time it was.

Calm down .. how many babes?

Mrs. Dilara .. eight o'clock.

Calm down .. Only eight squirrels would let me sleep more.

Mrs. Dilara .. she puts her mouth in the book all night and doesn't want to wake up in the morning.

I'm going home.

Calm down..Oh seat, I don't really remember.

Mrs. Dilara .. Hmm, why do you remember that? If you read a book without sleeping all night, you have to sleep too.

Calm down and go straight to the washroom without talking.

Fresh for about twenty minutes in the washroom

Comes out after being.

His mother Mrs. Dilara saw him coming out calmly

Standing with a blue Punjabi in hand

There is.

Why are you standing with that in your hand?

Mrs. Dilara .. you will read this Punjabi.

Calm down.

Then Shantar's mother Mrs. Dilara is Punjabi

Leaving to be ready.

Then calm down in their sofa room

He goes and sits with a book in his hand.

After a while Shantar's older sister (about the same age)

He came and hugged Shant ..

Ore amar kut kut kutus ..... re, my ghantafaring, pantafaring .... re, my jhantu, montu,

Santu, Fontu, Rontu ..... Ray.

The big sister's caress is always very calm

Sit quietly. But now to bother reading an important chapter

For Shant moved away from him and sat down.

Why aren't you ready?

Risha .. I am ready.

Calm down..Okay, sit down.

Then he dives into the book again. But Risha

She is not a calm girl like Shantar. She is very

Naughty. He always makes their home in his head


After a while, Shantar's parents both came out. Then they left in a car

The purpose of his grandfather's house.

Sit in the car and head into a quiet book

But Risha repeatedly disturbed him

The book continues to be compelled to the end

He raises his head and says ..

Calm down .. what happened, sister, you are doing nonsense


Risha .. you look so cute.

Calm down ... so what happened?

Risha .. you didn't let me caress you then

I will do it now.

Risha pulled Shantar's cheek again

Starting .....

Oh my Jhanta brother, Fonta brother, Chhanta, Monta brother you look so cute. Oh my gultu pappata, Oh my Montu brother.

Hu sits like a quiet little cat.

After a while he says calm down ..

Calm down ... sister, leave this time.

Risha .. well, I will not caress you again.

Calm down .. well sister where are you these bizarre languages

Get from.

Risha .. comes from the mind.

So many brothers and sisters have seen such dealings

Mr. Rokon and Mrs. Dilara were laughing.

After much laughter and jokes, they arrived

Shantar's grandfather is at home.

Then they go inside with all the things letters.

Going inside, a girl noticed calm

Seeing them, he ran. After a while, he came with Shantar Dadu.

Shant and Risha go and greet his grandfather. His grandfather Mrs. Abida Begum to the two of them.

Hold on.

After they talked downstairs for a while, Mrs. Abida said Rimi would calm down and show Risha their house.

Rimi .. this is your income.

Both Shant and Risha are surprised by Rimi's words

Yes. The girl is the first to show them


But they suppressed that surprise

Goes backwards.

At first Rimi shows Shantar the room. Then Rimi takes Risha to his room.

Risha .. well sister what is your name?

Rimi ... don't you know my name?

Risha .. well you do it all


Rimi..hmm. I can't say without you again.

Well, I'll be fresh soon. You go and tell your brother we're going for a walk.

Rimi .. toke, toke.

Risha .. what does Toke, Toke mean again?

Rimi .. what are you talking about, don't touch him.

Risha.Oh ok.

Rimi .. hey that's it, I'm going Bapu.

Then Rimi went and entered Shantar's room

Shant is lying in bed with a book.

Rimi .. this is what your sister told you to go to bed, so be ready for you too.

Calm down. Well, you do it all


Rimi..h, who do you say. Can?

Calm down .. nothing. You go and tell Apu

I'm ready.

Rimi .. toke, toke.

Calm..what toke, toke again what?

Rimi .. hey ok.

Calm down..oh.

Then they matched the three (with Remio)

They go out. They cross one village and move to another village. Suddenly they go there

Shantar urinates.

Cool Risha whispers in his ear,

Calm down.

Risha .. what do you say now what will happen.

Calm down ... that's what I'm thinking.

Risha .. there is an empty house in front of you. You go quickly and get out of there

Come on. We're out

Calm down. Well, I'm leaving. Don't go anywhere.

Then calm goes inside the room. There is a lot of darkness.

Meanwhile Rimi and Risha are standing outside. Suddenly a butterfly comes in front of them.

Risha loves butterflies a lot. She leaves Rimi there and runs after the butterfly.

Meanwhile, he is calm in danger. Due to not being able to see anything in the dark, the chain of his pants gets stuck in his offensive place.

After standing outside for a long time, Rimi got annoyed and went straight into the room. But by then Shant had fixed his chain.

Then the two of them come out of the house. They see some old men there. Then they take Shant and Rimi to their village head. But the village head decides that both Shant and Rimi want to ask both of them.

# Finished ..

# If you make a mistake, you will be forgiven.

(Thanks) !!!!!!!!!

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Written by   72
6 months ago
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