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Love Story

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The housewife fled with all the money saved by her expatriate husband, leaving a seven-year-old daughter.

After reading such a headline on Facebook, my mood became hot

I found out after reading the whole news

After the marriage, the husband went abroad within a month. After that he came on holiday a couple of times. He kept a lot of money in the bank in the wife's name. The husband got a smart phone in his wife's hand because he was abroad.

From there I got acquainted with a boy in some way. Conversation first, friendship later alienation.

The wife has repeatedly met the boy, leaving the girl asleep. Once the man of the husband's house became suspicious, the next morning the wife ran away with her jewelery and money.

After reading the news, the mood has become quite thirsty. Ever since Arshad has been trying, he will tell Trishna who will talk about divorce If the two are in mutual, the trouble will be less but they are not having courage.

A while ago, in his drowsiness, he saw that Trishna had said everything but Trishna did not agree. Ulto said he would file a case in his name. Arshad is restless after seeing the dream.

Sitting next to the thirst with a cigarette in his hand, he said,

"Why are you so angry?"

"The mood is warming up."


"Adultery or divorce is not the solution to any marital problem."

"What will two people do when they can't be together?"

"It is not possible to have a family without sacrificing something."

Arshad sat motionless at the words of thirst. It's time to dump her and move on. Ashtray placed on the bedside table, sitting face to face with a cigarette. Leaning forward a little, he removed his thirsty face and said,

"Don't forget to kiss."

Arshad smiled at the words of thirst. He sat back and started massaging the thirst with light hand on the side of his shoulder.

"So tell me ma'am! How is our family to you?"

"Not perfect. But try. I don't have much in common with you. You don't like what I like or I'm not used to what you like, but I try."


"Like I don't like rain but you like rain. I keep soaking in the rain and I like your coffee over and over again just to keep your mind. You get wet in the rain and sit down with a cup of tea for me."


"Hey! What are you doing now? You know my back suddenly hurts. It's relaxing and that's how you comfort me."

"What if the word divorce ever comes up between us?"

Arshad's words took a deep breath and thirst. He paused for a moment and said,

"I know I can't give you the right amount of time. I need the time. The kids are sick when their parents are sick. The working girl doesn't understand that much either but I try to adapt. The rest is up to me."

Arshad doesn't say anything, he presses his head very hard on his chest or side.

This empty space seems full.

No, he can't quench his thirst.

Suddenly Arshad fell asleep at the sound of the massage. Messenger is constantly receiving messages from chat groups with his friends.

Everyone has one question

"Did you say divorce?"

Arshad replied in short,


Then many people filled his message with angry reactions. Rakib then said,

"Brother, does your wife go with your status? Why don't you listen to us?"

"He's different from everyone else."

"Fakinni is not different. Don't you see her move? When we hang out, doesn't your sister-in-law mix with you?"

But your wife will come after hijab, will be far away. Tagada will give a little night. Is this the life of a man? "

"Look, I won't say anything about his behavior. My wife. Think before you say anything about him."

"That's the problem and your wife. And you're our best friend. That's why I'm saying discount. There will be a line of thousands of girls."

Arshad does not reply to any message. He removes the head of the sleeping thirst in his own hand and puts it on the pillow.

Is he happy at all? Or acting in the name of happiness?

The thirst has started before dawn. She made tea and breakfast for her parents in the morning with her working daughter. If the mother's arthritis pain has not increased, the mother-in-law herself helps the thirsty for breakfast. My father-in-law ate tea but his facial expressions were not good. But he ate breakfast and tea with great pleasure.

After sipping the cup of tea kept for him, he realized that he was going to have tea.

Dad is not used to all this Still ate in silence to quench the thirst?

Crying came up to the throat. So even though he was thirsty, he quickly made breakfast with his own hands.

As Trishna was getting ready to go to school after taking a bath, Arshad reached out and pulled her close to him.

"I'm just getting late. I can't get a bus. Don't do this now."

Annoyance at the words of thirst is clear, anger is gathering in the insulted eyes of Arshad. I thought the words of my friends said last night.

They said that if necessary, they would help to pay the money in the cabin after the divorce, even if the thirst was forgiven.

Still no need to keep him. Because he is not really qualified.

After getting out of bed, Arshad massaged the lawyer and told him to do all the work. Today he will sign the divorce and send it directly to Trishna.

# Finished ...

# If you make a mistake, you will be forgiven.

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Written by   72
6 months ago
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