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Love Story❤

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Life: Eat this joss.

Companion: Okay, I'm eating as you say.

Life: Must eat whole.

Companion: OK. But why does it taste like that?

Life: Your feverish face looks like that. Eat whole.

Companion: I have finished everything.

Life: Good. You don't want to know how I gave you medicine.

Companion: Medicine. What do you mean?

Life: Hmm, I mixed medicine in this juice. You ate that juice. Hihi

Companion: No. I'm coming out right now.

I pulled his hand and brought it to me before my partner went to the washroom.

Jibanah means out?

Companion: How do I know I'm vomiting.

Life: Don't throw the ball first.

Companion: No. I will not take medicine. Leave me

Life: I will not leave. What to do.

Companion: I don't feel well. What kind of nausea is coming. It's drugs

Without saying another word, I grabbed my partner's lips. The partner's eyes have become like golla in juice. She was pushing but could not move a single hair. I left after 5 minutes.

Life: After that, if you talk about dropping the medicine, I will let you know. Go to sleep now.

Companion: I will not sleep anymore.

Life: Go, I'm shaking hands.

Companion: Really ??

Life: Hmm.

What else to do, I started to put my hand on my head and my partner fell asleep in 2 minutes.

In the morning

When we broke up in Dhaka, my partner said I would leave too.

Raj: Why are you going?

Life: You didn't have a good fever.

Companion: But I have an exam tomorrow. So I have to go.

Rhea: But how do you test this body.

Companion: Don't worry mom. I'll be fine.

Rhea: Go to him, stay well.

Companion: OK mother. Brother & Think Al.


Tisha: Nest, you need a sign here.

Nest: For what.

Tishar's mother Neer, we want to marry you and Tishar. So sign the registrar paper today. Will get married next week.

Nest: But aunt.

Tishar's mother no but no. I don't want to hear anything.

Tisha: We are married, what is the objection. (Nisser whispers in his ear)

Neer: Give it to me, I'm signing.

Neer signs the papers without reading them with joy. After signing, Neer's uncle enters and says

Neer's uncle: Neer, what did you do?

Neer: What did I do? That means you don't want your daughter Tisha to marry me.

Neer's uncle: Tisha is not my daughter.

Tisha: Oh, Varatiya Baba, you know everything.

Neer's uncle: You won't call me father. Mother and daughter like them can never be anyone's friend.

Tishar's mother is right. That is why today is the last day of your life.

Tisha: Where do you caress this old man a little son-in-law.

Seven or eight men came and started beating Neer's uncle.

Neer: Tisha, what is happening?

Give a slap on the cheek of Tisha Neer

Neer: You killed me, Tisha.

Tisha: What should I do? Husband.

Neer: Why are you talking like this?

Tishara's mother doesn't like acting anymore.

Nest: Acting. What do you mean?

Tisha: Yes, what should I do? I like these properties very much. That's why I took everything in my name.

Neer: That is your and my marriage registrar's paper.

Tishara's mother is the wrong father. You have given all your properties in the name of me & Tishar. I know you are already married.

One of the people said

- Ma'am, what am I going to do now?

Tisha left her father in Buriganga. One more has to be killed.

--- Who

Tishar's mother Neer Khan.

Neer: You will do this like my mother.

Tishar's mother Sona Baba. I just won't kill you. I will kill many more.

Nest: I will not leave you.

Saying this, Tisha shot at Neer's leg as she was walking towards Tishar's mother.

Tisha: Stand there.

Neer: Tisha, you can't do this. I am your husband.

Tishar's mother ate. I killed your mother and father. Who knew your parents left everything in your name.

Nest: I will not leave you. You orphaned me.

Saying this, Neer stabbed Tishar with a knife to cut the fruit and it hit Tishar's mother's leg.

Tisha: Mother ,, that

Neer: How does it feel now, Tisha, how you broke up to hurt your mother.

Tisha: There is no right to live in the nest.

Tisha shot and killed Neer.

Tishar Ma: This is a bigger opportunity for us.

Tisha: How?

Tishar Ma: Now you go to Shant Chowdhury and tell us the robbers have attacked us. Wants to force you to marry I somehow escaped. Then the work will be done.

Tisha: Mother, this is very talkative.

Tisha goes to the house of life and starts her drama.

Tisha: Uncle save us.

Shantah: What happened to you? Why do you look like that?

Tisha: Today a group of robbers attacked us. Killing my brother and father.

Shant: What are you talking about?

Tisha: Hmm, I'm telling the truth.

I said with my hand on Tishara's cheek like crazy

Life: What happened?

Tisha: A robber wants to force me to marry him.

Life: What are you talking about? You're just nobody else's.

Shant: Let's go to your house. And go and see what happened?

Tisha: Hmm, let's go. Came to see with their own eyes.

We went to Tisha's house and found out that robbers had actually attacked their house. I saw Aunty sitting on the floor crying.

Life: Aunty, are you all right?

Tishar's mother: Hmm, I'm fine. Dad, you save my daughter. When did they come again?

Calm down: Don't worry. I will unite the four hands of life and Tisha as soon as I can.

Tishara's mother but she will be too late. If you consider our side.

Don't worry. Jeevan and Tishara will get married next Saturday. They will get married 2 days later.

Tishar's mother was very good. I don't know what to say thank you.

Cool: All right? Don't get so busy.

Tishar Ma: Did you free me from worries?

Shant: I have a lot of work to do now. Now we come to You see, my son is eating in shame.

Tishar's mother will be seen again.

I want to do lungi dance. After many years, I will get Tisha for life.

Shant: There is nothing to be so happy about.

Life: Why what happened?

Shant: I am giving my marriage because my grandson wants a daughter now. Nothing more than that.

Life: That's why. Dad, you are my father.

Cool: Why?

Life: You are saying these things. My father does not say these things.

Shanta: Do you need DNA testing?

Life: No, I'm not saying that. Why did you agree to get married so soon? You didn't like Tisha.

Hmmm, I wouldn't do that. Let's do it now. If there is a problem, the marriage breaks up.

Life: What are you talking about? I can't live without Tisha.

Shant: That's why I'm marrying Tisha.

Life: I Love u baba💗

Calm: I Love u 2


From the next day onwards, the marriage shanai is ringing in the house of life again. On the other hand, the partner does not know all these things. At that time, Shruti's phone rang.

Shruti: The marriage of the partner brother is just right.

Companion: What?

Shruti: Why are you missing?

Companion: With whom?

Shruti: With whom again with Tishara.

Companion: No, it can't be. I love life.

Shruti: But brother doesn't love you.

Companion: I remember the words of the blue brother.

Shruti: Hmm, I remember. What can I do now?

Companion: Tisha is cheating on all of us.

Myth: What can I do now? Brother does not want to understand any of us. Proof must be given.

Companion: I have proof. Tisha and Neer. They are married to each other.

Shruti: What are you talking about?

Companion: Hmm, really?

Shruti: Prove you?

Companion: You have to do that. I will prove it tomorrow.

Shruti: I have faith in you. Save our family.

Companion: Life cannot be anyone's if I stay. I will prove it tomorrow.

Shruti: I am waiting for you.


Sathy is looking for evidence against Tishara like crazy in college. At one point he met Tishara.

Tisha: How are you mate?

Companion: Good? Why are you cheating on life?

Tisha: I love life.

Companion: Wrong. Why are you married to the nest?

Tisha: How do you know the nest.

Companion: One of my girlfriends ran away and got married that day. I was also there that day.

Tisha: There is nothing to do. Life is mine.

Companion: You will know who you are married to.

Tisha: You are challenging me.

Companion: Whatever you think. You screen I'll leak.

Tisha: Sorry mate. I couldn't get along with you anymore.

Just then the partner gets hit in the head. The partner was not ready for what he saw when he opened his eyes.

# Finished

# Mistakes will be forgiven.

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Written by   72
6 months ago
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