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Love Story

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6 months ago





On the morning of Bauvat we reached the house of the king. I got very tired after going through many road journeys. Goes to Rome to take the world. But it is very hot in Rome. Because there was no current. Later I found out that the current will not come till 4 o'clock today. The arrival of my enemy companion as soon as I went to take a shower as I could not bear the heat.

Companion: No, don't make this mistake.

Life: What did I do wrong again?

Companion: This is going to take a bath.

Life: I will not take a hot bath.

Companion: The water in the tab is very hot. Take a bath with this hot water.

Life: What will I do?

Sathy's mother (Rima) grabbed the mug and said

Rima: Baba Jiban, we have many big ponds here. Come and take a bath there.

Life: What a big pond.

Rima: Hmm. What has happened is so unfortunate.

Life: No, Aunty, I am unwell after taking a bath in the swimming pool. Besides, I don't know how to swim. If drowned.

Rima: My partner is with you. Go with him.

Companion: Come on, you don't have to worry about me staying.

Life: Come on. On the banks of your pond.

A ghat was built on the bank of the pond of the companions. Where they bathe. The water in the pond is very clear. The ghat is also very beautiful. Like the ghats of the ancient zamindars.

Life: I'll take a bath here. You'll be standing.

Companion: I am standing on the bank.

Life: If a snake comes and bites. Please come.

Companion: I can stand by your side on one condition.

Life: On what terms.

Companion: You can't open the T-shirt. Seeing your body makes me faint.

Life: OK, I agree to your terms.

I grabbed my partner's hand and got down four siri. Then I made him stand there and started taking a shower. Suddenly the soap slipped and fell into the water. I can see the soap but I can't reach the soap while sitting. The companion is also looking the other way. So I went to fetch the soap from my partner's hand like an obedient boy, but the opposite happened. My partner and I fell into the pond.

Life: Please save me, mate.

Companion: Why did you wet me?

Life: I wanted to bring the soap that fell.

Companion: Then why did you pull my hand?

Life: You couldn't sit still.

Companion: Now it's my fault.

Life: Hmm, it's your fault.

Companion: Then punish him.

Saying this, my partner gave me 2-3 dips in water.

Life: Please partner, I can't anymore. Take me to less water.

Companion: OK.

The companion brought me to less water. But I am not the one to give up. I also drowned my partner twice.

Companion: Why did you drown me?

Life: I have been drowned three times. I have forgiven it.

Companion: I'm showing you.

Saying this, I started to drown. I started sucking him too. In this way, I sucked 2 people 2 to 4 times (I closed my eyes and imagined the scene)

Life: You think I can't chew.

Companion: It's fun. What can I do?

The companion began to dive into my legs. And I moved away as a snake. The companion got up and said

Companion: Jeevan Babu understood what a partner is. That snake was not me.

Life: Stop scaring me, I'm coming.

I gave my partner a run. He is running and talking

Companion: Someone save me, I have run like this. (Ehen-soap)

Life: I am saying stand up partner.

Companion: I will not stand. What to do?

Life: I don't know what to do if I can catch it.

Companion: You can't even catch me in life.

Life: You want to bet with life.

Companion: I caught it but my partner never lost.

Jeevan: (Puchki girl can win by playing with me, it can't be) Hmmm, I agree, wait now.

Companion: Tell him what you said.

I hurriedly grabbed my partner's ear.

Life: Run now. Let's see how far you can go.

Companion: What is it? You leave my soul.

Life: I will not leave. What to do.

Companion: I will not do anything. So leave my ears.

Life: I will not leave. I will complain to your left.

Companion: It's fun to complain.

Saying this, the companion gave me a bite. It's so close that I can hear the other's heartbeat.

Life: I have no chance to escape.

Companion: I do not want to escape. Wants to stay in your chest for life.

Life: I'm not angry anymore. You have to get your punishment. You can't make me a chicken anymore.

Companion: Please leave me, I will not do any more.

Life: I will not leave.

Companion: Let's go, then I will see who judges me.

Life: I see him who does not judge.

I pulled my partner and took him to my mother.

Life: Mother, this bad girl has dipped me in water like 10 babes.

Companion: Aunty lying.

Jerin: What is the truth then?

Life: Mom, believe me, this girl has drowned me many times.

Companion: Aunty believes that your rhinoceros boy threw me into the water.

Life: No, mother, I went to get soap, grabbed his hand and slipped.

Jerin: 📣📣stop .. so many big kids are still arguing.

Riya: What did the partner do, life father ..

Life: Aunty, your devil girl has drowned me. I'm drinking a lot of water.

Companion: Mother, I speak the truth. That white monkey also dipped me in the water. The whole field ran.

Life: Well done. You are a devil.

Rhea: Please don't think about life. Companion is like that. I'm punishing him.

Life: Aunty.

Rhea dragged her partner away and I also left with a pinch.

I talked to Tishara on the phone but my mind is just looking for a partner. Because

Talked to my partner that afternoon. Now at 9 o'clock at night I never saw him. It's good. Didn't come in front of me. So I locked the door of my partner's room like an obedient son. Sathy comes to bed with Katha Muri.

Companion: Who is there?

Life: I am life.

Companion: What's in your head?

Life: Anxiety.

Companion: Why?

Life: Why are you lying in the heat with Katha Muri ?.

Companion: Come in?

Life: Oh father.

I am wondering whether I will enter Rome now or not. As I was about to leave, I noticed that my partner was shaking. So when I entered Rome and moved the word a little, my hand touched his hand and I realized that my partner had a lot of fever. As soon as I came back, my partner pulled my hand and grabbed me.

Companion: Please don't leave. I love you so much.

Life: Please leave me mate. Someone will see.

Companion: Why do you want to run away from me in the middle of a dream? Please let me know.

Life: (This is me seeing in a dream. Rather, I woke him up) Sathy Sathy

Companion: Why are you here?

Life: You have a high fever, why didn't you tell anyone at home?

Companion: Where did the fever come from?

Life: Then why the body temperature has risen?

Companion: Where is it?

Life: You can't stand properly, again. You go to bed. I'm bringing medicine.

Companion: This is not ,,,

I told my aunt not to talk anymore.

Life: Aunty Sathy has a lot of fever. Give me medicine. Let's feed him.

Riya: I will never take any medicine.

Life: Give it to me. I will eat.

Rhea: Never.

Life: I can.

Rhea: OK, this is now medicine. And let's see if you can feed him.

Life: Don't be tense, I will eat.

Rhea: Never.

Life: See what I can do.

I left without saying anything else.

Life: This is now medicine. Eat.

Companion: No, I will not eat.

Life: I tell you to eat, eat.

Companion: Don't eat, don't do.

Life: I will not force anything.

Companion: I will not eat that either.

Life: He doesn't have to eat. Come to sleep.

Companion: You are very good. Thanks.

Life: But why not take medicine?

Companion: I don't like it.

I did not say anything and put medicine in my mouth. But it failed. The companion left it in the washroom.

Companion: I was not saying don't give me medicine.

Life: I won't give it to him anymore. Turmi didn't eat anything all day.

Companion: Hmm.

Life: Then I'm bringing a glass of joss. Can't be eaten.

Companion: Ok

Companion: What do you feed me?

In the next episode

Neer: Tisha, you can't do that.

What did Tisha do with Need?

Shant: Tisha, don't worry, you will get married next Saturday.

What will the partner accept. Stay tuned if you want to know.

# Finished ....

# If you make a mistake, you will be forgiven.

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Written by   72
6 months ago
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amazing love story my dear friend.keep it up. i love to read love stories

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6 months ago