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#I_blind_your_love ♣

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6 months ago

Suddenly, with a hiccup, he mixed his lips with the wall and dipped his lips in the lips of an unknown Sraboni. Sraboni was shocked by the incident. It took a while for the whole thing to be understood, when it was understood that Sraboni was small enough to run away, but the man in front was kissing her deeper. After a while, the man left Sraboni, frowned and whispered:

"" Don't try to get away from me. # I'm_love_in_your_love so wherever you go I'll find you and bring you. Don't forget it!

Sraboni is holding her shirt on both sides and closing her eyes. There is a dark room and now no one can be felt. Sraboni opened her eyes, looked around and ran outside. আস The original author of this story is Prothma Chowdhury Priya, first of all, like my page to read my story, Priya Sahitya Ghar.

Sraboni Islam Ridita. The little girl caressed by the sky and the rain. This time Mashallah has gone to college with ACC. Today was a freshman celebration at Rainy College. Sraboni is wearing a red sari, with a light outfit. Sraboni was waiting for his girlfriend and Kolija's sister.

Suddenly someone dragged Sraboni to an empty dark class and then she saw what happened.

Sraboni went to the washroom and gave water to her eyes. Her hands and feet are shaking, how can her past come. It can't be.

How can that past of three years ago come here. He left me with a fuck. No, it can't be করছে screaming and crying, saying all this.

He wiped his eyes and went out of the washroom.

Rodela and Ishika are waiting for Sraboni.

Rodela: He used to tell us where he went and he told us he is here.

Ishika: I don't know.

In the meanwhile Sraboni came and appeared.

Rodela was surprised to see Sraboni. The eyes are swollen and the eyes are red

Rodela grabs Sraboni and says:

Rodela: Why are you in this condition? Why are your eyes like this?

Sraboni: The sun is shining !!!

Hearing the name of the sun, the color of Rodela's face has changed. There is an impression of panic on his face. Ishika's condition is similar to Rodela's:

Rodela: Sravani, are you talking like crazy? How will he come here? He is not there. Sraboni, why do you think so? If you don't tell this to anyone, then Kurukshetra will be affected.

Sraboni is saying something over and over again. Rodela came out of college with Sraboni.

"" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "

He is sipping a glass of red wine in his hand and looking at it with a picture in his hand. A baby girl in a pink frock with two crooked sweet chubby looks.

How close you and I were to Taina My Queen today. But you didn't see me. A story from three years ago turned everything upside down. It took you so far

It's time to dump her and move on

Now we have to highlight everything in front of everyone.

# Finished ...

# If you make a mistake, you will be forgiven.

(Thanks) !!!!!

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Written by   72
6 months ago
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