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Priya is half-naked on one side of the bed. There is not a single thread in her body. She is covered in a white sheet. Her body has been eaten by Anik for about 3 hours. Priya endured with a sigh

After losing her virginity, Priya lost consciousness and could not bear the pain.

When Priya regains consciousness, Priya looks at herself and cries. She looks at Anik beside her. She is disgusted. She can't imagine how a man can do such a thing with his friend's future wife. He went to the washroom, went to the washroom and saw himself in the mirror. He cried and cried. Priya took bites, scratches and tweezers all over his body. Priya took a long shower but the problem is now I will read. Later he came out and saw Anik and came to the room fresh. Maybe he came from the next room. Anik saw Priya and smiled. Seeing Priya's smile, Anik went to Priya's body and went to Priya. Priya Anik feels unbearable to drown in you again and again. Anik stood a little away from her and said ___

Priya: I will go home. Please bring me home. I will not tell anyone


Without saying a word, Priya took off her clothes and then ate and took medicine. Her body was sore and weak. Anik was having a hard time walking. Realizing this, Anik picked her up on her lap and put her in the car and said ____

Anik: You may not be in my trouble but I am in a lot of trouble for you. I will not apologize to you for what happened between us today because I did not defile you. I touched you in a holy way. I have the right to touch you.

Priya is looking at me in amazement without saying anything, and thinking in her mind ____ she hurt me like this again she is crying for me again it is really her responsibility [Priya sat down with her head bowed without saying anything]

Anik wiped away the tears and sat down in the driving seat

Prothma Chowdhury Priya Ma Baba's eldest daughter Honors student to see sad sweet Priya's father's close friend Priya's marriage has been decided A month ago, Anik and Bishan, beautiful girls, were very fond of Anik.

When Anik reached in front of Priya's house and went to call Priya, Priya fell asleep. Priya fell asleep. Anik didn't want to call her, so she took him in her arms. Anik comes running and says ___

Priya's mother: What happened to Priya and why?

Anik: In fact, Aunty Priya fell ill after going to varsity, so I brought her home

Priya's mother: Well, let's take her to the room

Anik took Priya to the room and laid her on the bed and then went out to talk to Priya's mother for a while.

Anik went straight to her mother's house. Anik's parents live separately because they were separated. Anik was small and Anik's father got the responsibility of Anik from Kot.

Anik went straight to his mother's house and went straight to her mother. Her mother was sitting in her room. Anik lay down with her head on her mother's lap. Then she started shedding tears. He started to put his hand on its head

Priya wakes up in the afternoon but her body is feeling very weak. Priya gets up and sits on one of her legs. Then Priya looks at her and looks at her. She can understand in her room. Surprise |

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# Forgive me if I make a mistake.

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Written by   72
6 months ago
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