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6 months ago

Aria came home with a rickshaw. When she came home, she took off her bangles, earrings and necklaces and threw them on the ground. Aria is very angry.

Two days later .......



Lily and Raima came to Aria's house. Maria was watching TV in the drawing room. Lily and Raima went to see Maria. Lily asked Maria.

Lily: Where is Maria Aria?

Maria: In the room?

Raima: In her room?

Maria: Yes!

Lily: Come on Raima.

Lily and Raima are surprised when they enter Aria's room. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Scattered here and there. Aria is sitting on the bed with her legs folded and busy eating chocolate. Seeing that Lily and Raima had entered his room, he did not pay attention to them. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. But maybe he ate a little more this time than before.

Lily: Aria, how much more? Stop now.

Raima: You haven't been out of the house or gone to college in these two days. How long will the house be closed like this?

Aria: .......... [I don't listen to them, I'm just eating chocolate]

Lily: I'm saying something .... Can't you hear the words or are you swallowing our words with chocolate? .... [with annoyance]

Raima: Aria .......

Aria: What did I do wrong that the biscuit slapped me? ....... [stopped eating chocolate and said a little angrily]

Lily: It's not your fault Aria. And you're still reading about this?

Raima: Look, Aria, forget what happened.

Aria: Don't forget anything Aria .... I will take vengeance on her ....... [shouted]

Lily: Aria, don't be mad. You do not know who is Bidyut Aryan Chowdhury? If you take revenge - electricity will not leave you.

Raima: And don't forget that electricity is a big liner.

Aria: I don't understand Laiar Locker, I will take revenge ........ [screaming]

Lily: Aria listen, I don't know how much you know about her. But the electricity is very angry, bad tempered and crazy type. Maybe he slapped you in anger. For him ........... [Aria stops]

Aria: Shut up ... Aria does what she says. I will take revenge. Either way ..... [angrily]

Raima: How do I listen?

Aria: I will be able to know and see when the time comes .....

Lily frowned as she saw Aria standing up.

Lily: Where are you going?

Aria: In Maria's room?

Raima: Why?

Aria: I don't have chocolates in my chocolate box, it's all over, I have chocolates in Maria's room, I'm going to steal them.

Lily: Oh my God! ...... [shakes his head]

Without saying anything else, Aria went from the room to Maria's room and started eating with chocolate.

Raima: And khas na re aria .....

Aria: I won't eat.

Lily: Eat.

Aria: Listen to me say a yoga.

Lily and Raima are staring at Aria. They know very well that now Aria's babbling will start.

Aria: Don't listen.

Lily: Yes! Tell me.

Aria: A girl is eating chocolate and eating it ..... Two girls sitting next to her are staring at the girl who is eating chocolate. Now tell me, what should the girl who ate chocolate do to that girl?

Lily, Raima lay down on the bed. It is well understood that the word has been pointed out to the two of them.

Aria: Hihihihihihihi ...... [Laughs]

Lily: You won't be good anymore.

Aria: Not at all, don't forget, never.

Raima: I know.

Lily: Shall I go to college tomorrow?

Aria: If not, how can I take revenge?

Raima: Tell me what you want to do?

Aria: I won't say.

Raima: I knew I would say that.





Power House .....

Bidyut: Robin (Bidyut's assistant) Bring me the file of the case that Mr. Khan went through yesterday ....... [Looking at the laptop in a serious voice]

Robin: Yes sir.

Robin left the room. After a while, he brought a green file and gave it to Bidyut.

Robin: Sir, I had something to say .......

Electricity: Say ..... [in a serious voice]

Robin: Sir Khan, who really raped that poor girl. And your opponent's lawyer has proof of that. Now if you falsify the case then how will that helpless girl and her family show their face in the society. So saying .......

Electricity had been gnashing its teeth for so long, listening to Robin's words. Before saying the rest, the lightning roared like lightning ........?

Electricity: Are you teaching me Niti? How dare you tell me this?

Robin gets scared when he hears about the lightning.

Robin: So ... sorry sir I made a mistake. Forgive me .......

Bidyut: Get out ...... Iu ..... [screaming in an angry voice]

Frightened, Robin hurried out of the room.

Electricity is trying to control its own anger. Electricity is very angry when you hear negative things.

Fighting for the truth seems to him a dilemma.

The truth is hated more than anything. This is his madness.






The next day ....

Before going to Aria College, I went to the mobile shop and bought 5 SIMs. Lily and Raima are standing next to the shop looking at Aria's cond. After buying the SIM, he inserted a new SIM in the phone and set it up.

Lily: What are you going to do, Aria? ...... [looking inquisitively]

Aria: Let's see ..... [laughs softly]

Raima: Lily, get out of here. Who knows if he will be with us in a jam ..

Aria: I'll hang up as soon as I get out of here.

Lily and Reimer are staring wide-eyed at Aria.

Aria: Come with me. ...... [said and started walking]

Lily and Raima are walking behind Aria. Aria took out the book of the electricity magazine and started to pick up the electricity number on the dial pad. This time Lily and Raima understood what Aria was going to do.

Lily: No, Aria, please don't do this ..... [in a humble voice]

Raima: Aria please stop .....

Aria smiled crookedly at every turn and took the phone to her ear. Once the phone rang. Aria called again. This time I did not get any response in the same way. Aria is getting angry now. He called the electricity number again. This time the call is over. Aria's reaction starts as soon as the call is picked up ...........

Aria: It takes so long to catch the call of Abbe Shala's son Nawabzada. I think you are still sleeping. Didn't sleep at father's age? I will forget the names of the fourteen with a slap. Put down the phone ......... [He quickly hung up the phone after saying the words with a broom]

He cut off the phone, took out the SIM from the phone, broke the SIM in his hand and threw it on the road. Aria let out a big sigh. Laughing and looking at Lily and Reimer, they are standing in awe.

Aria: Just chill dude .... have you seen who says this - intelligence ...... this is how I will burn that electricity. Until my anger subsides .....

Lily and Raima are still silent. They are still looking at Aria just like before.

Aria: What happened to you? Let's go to income class ..... [said and started pulling them by the hand]

Power House ......

In the morning ...

Kring .... Kring: .... Kring

Lightning is fast asleep. Suddenly the phone rang and I started to move a little. The phone did not receive. The phone rang and you were cut off. The phone rang again. But this time he did not catch. The phone rang for the third time. This time Bidyut got angry + annoyed and grabbed the phone to his ear and said "hello". After hearing the words from the other side, he fell asleep in an instant and got angry. He threw the table light on the ground with a whistle, thus ruining his sleep in the morning.

Electricity: Robin ...... Robin ..... [Screaming]

Robin rushes to the top when he hears an electric shout from below. Entering the room, Bidyut is sitting on the bed with an angry look and looking down. Robin swallowed a small sip in his mind.

Robin: Sir called me ...... [said in a soft voice]

Bidyut raised his head and looked at Robin in an angry mood. Seeing the angry look of electricity, Robin's inventory condition. He said holding the electric phone in front of Robin.

Power: I want the information on the fast number of the dial list. Trace the location of where the call came from now ........ [shouted]

Robin: Yes sir. You will get the information ..... [says and leaves the room]

The electricity looked down and began to think.

Who is that girl? Why did you call and talk like this? What is the purpose of that girl?







Sitting in the canteen, Aria is babbling and Lily Raima is listening with annoyance.

Lily: It's time for Ella to stop ....... [Raises her hand and stops]

Raima: Aria, please be quiet for 5 minutes .......

Aria: You know Aria doesn't like to be quiet.

Lily: I know, I'm telling her to be quiet for 5 minutes.

Aria: No, I won't keep quiet. Well, listen to me?

Raima: I'm sorry Boin .... I've been listening to you ever since.

Aria: I can see where your ears are ripe. You have good ears ......

Raima: Sorry my ears are burning!

Aria: Alas, I say, what is the turn of the castes?

Raima: Did I say irritated?

Aria: Did you say Jatra Pala?

Raima: Did I say irritated?

Aria: Did you say Jatra Pala?

Lily is listening to the two of them. Once he looked at Aria, another looked at Raima. This time Lily shouted angrily.

Lily: Diameter diameter ..... don't run away, don't run away ..... [shouted]

Aria: So what?

Lily: My head?

Aria: Well well your head is my foot.

Lily: Does your head mean my feet?

Aria: My feet on your head ...... [Laughs]

Lily: Oh God ..... God go ..... [looking up]

Raima laughed.

Aria: Well, listen to a serious word ..... [with a serious mood]

Lily: Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds - d'oh!

Raima: Say yes.

Aria: Come closer.

Lily and Raima leaned over and went to Aria. Aria said placing both hands on the table.

Aria: Tell me?

Lily and Raima said "yes" with more interest .....

Aria: Well listen ..... I have to bathe my pappi today ....... [said softly]

Lily and Raima lay down on the table. The two of them were not ready to listen to this nonsense.

Aria: What happened to you? ..... [said with his hand on their body]

Lily: I'm in a coma ...... [He nodded and lay down on the table again]

Raima: Me too .....

Aria: Wow! Take me with you.

Lily: Tell Raima Aria Ray to be quiet. I can't stand it anymore ..... [in an angry mood]

Raima: ..............

Aria: Hey you ...... [Raima presses Aria's face]

Raima: I won't say another word. Sit quietly ....... [Raising his finger, he said in an angry voice]

Aria fell silent.








Power House ......

Robin: Sir! ..... [softly]

Standing in front of the electric swimming pool, he was feeding his favorite fish. At Robin's call, he stopped feeding the fish and sat down on the sofa.

Bidyut: Did you get any news of that number? ..... [Seriously]

Robin: Sir, that number has been activated today. And now the SIM is off. And by tracing the location, I found out that there is a mobile shop not far from the college where you went as the chief guest. The location of that shop can be seen. That means you were called from there.

Bidyut: I'm sure if I have any grudge against that girl, she will call me again. [Remember] Well, you go now.

Robin leaves. Lightning is deep in thought. I closed my eyes and started thinking about that college. Suddenly I remembered the girl who was slapped by lightning.

Electricity: This girl or not? But looking at her expression, it is not clear that this girl will do that. I'm waiting for your call Jhari Wali .......... [laughs crookedly]





12 o'clock at night ......

Aria opened the door of her room and peeked out to see if her father and mother were asleep. Seeing the lights in the drawing room off, Aria made sure they were asleep. Aria gently opened the door and left the room, opened the main door and walked out of the house. Walking alone along the road. Feeling mildly scared. He came in front of Lily's house and started calling Lily.

Lily was asleep. As soon as the phone rang, he saw Aria calling with sleepy eyes. He quickly received the phone and held it close to his ear.

Aria: Sleep to sleep .... come down quickly .... [said with a broom]

Lily: What am I going to do after coming down so late at night? .... [said softly]

Aria: I'll give you a snake dance ...... come down soon ....

Lily: I'm coming over there.

Aria: Hmm .....

To ..... To ..... To .....

Lily gently opened the door of her room and walked out.

Lily: Why did you call that other baby down so late at night?

Aria: I have an income job.

Lily: Where do I go?

Aria: Before income.

Reimer came and stood in front of the house. He also asked Raima to bring a basket in the same way. Raima ate the broom and went downstairs.

Lily: Tell me, what are you doing so late at night?

Aria: Come with me?

Raima: Where?

Aria: Come with me first ..... Wet before you apply these powders well on the face .......... [A box of powders is passed towards them]

Lily and Raima are once looking at the powder container and another time at Aria. They don't understand what Aria is trying to do.

Aria: Hurry up, you ........ I can see you later.

Aria smeared the powder on her face as she wished. Lily and Raima also kissed.

Aria: No one will recognize us this time. We are now the Vampire Queen.

Lily: Going all over the head.

Aria: After a while, the weight will go under your feet.

Aria started walking down the street. Lily and Raima started walking behind Aria. Shunsan road is very quiet. There is no human anagona. The three of them have walked a long way from their home. This time Lily and Raima saw 4-5 talented boys in front.

Lily: Those boys in front of Aria .......

Aria: Wow ..... Act like a ghost. And apply this tomato sauce on the lips. Keep the hair in front of the face. When they see it, they think we are ghosts.

Lily, Raima: Okay.

Aria: Don't be afraid anymore, have courage .....

Lily: Hmm ....

Aria called one of the boys by name like a ghost.

Aria: Zahid ......... Zahid .......

The boy looked ahead. There are three girls standing. The hair is lying randomly on the face, the look is quite horrible.

Zahid: Rafin Sa ..... look in front of you ... ghost ..... [in a trembling voice]

Rafin: Ghost ..... [The rest burst out laughing]

The boy named Rafin stopped laughing.

Rafin: I've been sitting here chatting for so long that I've never seen a ghost father. And today the ghost girls are gone. Wait, I'm going to the ghost girls with a kiss. You stand here and see .....

The three of them are standing in exactly the same way. Rafin came in front of them and started talking.



# Finished .........

# Forgive me if I make a mistake.

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Written by   72
6 months ago
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