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The watch and case

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8 months ago


A minister, in teaching some children the nature of the soul, took from his pocket a watch, and said, - "James, what is this I hold in my hand?" "A watch, Sir." "How do you know it is a watch?" "It ticks, Sir." "Can you hear it tick?" "Yes, Sir, We hear it.",He then took off the case, and held the case in one hand and the watch in the other. "Now, children, which is the watch?" "The smallest one in your right hand, Sir." "How do you know?" he asked. "Because it ticks," said James. "How I will lay the case aside, out of sight. You now hear the watch tick without the case. It goes and keeps time just as well as with the case. Now the body is the case, the soul is inside. The body may be taken off and buried up; but soul will live and think just as well as this watch will go with the case off." This made it plain to the children, and one of them went home and told his mother that "his thoughts would tick after he was dead."

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