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electrum-cash: connecting to a server

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Electrum-cash is a javascript/typescript library for communicating with electrum servers.

This example demonstrates how to create a connection to a server and how to cleanly shut down when you're done using it.

Including the client library in your project

When you are using a single server for your project, you should only include the client, either in CommonJS or as an ES2015 module depending on your project.

// Import the electrum client in CommonJS.
const { ElectrumClient } = require('electrum-cash');
// Import the electrum client as an ES2015 module.
import ElectrumClient from 'electrum-cash';

Set up the library and connect with a server

You will need to create an instance of the electrum client with the server connection electrum clientdetails for the server you want to use.

// Initialize an electrum client.
const electrum = new ElectrumClient('Your Electrum App Name', '1.4.3', '');

Waiting for the connection to be established

Before you can start using the client, you need to connect to the server and wait for it to complete version negotiation.

// Wait for the client to connect and complete version negotiation.
await electrum.connect();

Shutting down when you're done

After you're done with the server, you should disconnect from it to shutdown gracefully.

// Close the connection.
await electrum.disconnect();

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Written by   221
7 months ago (Last updated: 4 months ago)
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