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Scary creatures in the Philippines

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3 months ago
Topics: History, Beliefs, Story

Did you know that the Philippines is one of the countries where many different types of elements are believed, here are the scary elements found in the Philippines;

1. A ghost - a ghost is a type of person who changes form every night to kill people as their food. They have the ability to fly and they are like a bat. Their weakness is the sunshine because they melt when this happened.

2. Stalks-the predators have the ability to have two bodies every night. It splits into two and half of which is where their heads roam in search of food like humans or animals and half are they are left where they come from and they return there when the morning is near. Their weakness is that when salt is applied to half of their body he will not be able to approach it until the sun rises and this is their death.

3Tikbalang-The tikbalang is a creature that is half human and its head is like a horse, They do not hurt because they only do human intimidation.

4Preffers are an element that looks human but they are bigger than normal people, they always carry cigarettes and they are usually seen at the top of large trees, they are just intimidating and sometimes they punish people who make him badly.

I hope you like my article about scary monsters from my country Philippines.

Thanks for reading; you can like to make me more stories about my country. :)

I love you❤️❤️

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