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My opinion about New writers in readcash

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1 month ago

First of all i go to this site not write more articles,i go here because i want to earn money.One day i think that what if i try to publish a short article that comes to my mind and a realized that writing some contents may enhanced my thinking, writing skills,grammar skills and to add my knowledge.I am not to smart to have a very good article that the viewers may like.I am contented here to write more wether i don't have any supporters and subscribers.

How i can be a writer here ,there is no people can see my efforts,no one can see my articles,no one can read it because i am newbie.I hope that this platform will not be bias for the users.

Only the popular writer here can earn money ,what about us? we are making article but the viewers are skipping it because they don't know us?

Please for the developers of readcash please make this platform fair.Having no supporters makes me down.I don't have high confidence level ,i am not intelegent,i am not smart but i have feelings, newbie's like me are making articles to earn but i think from the eye of the popular writer we are trash.they are showing us that our work is useless wether i give my full effort and time to make an articles.

I hope that the admin will read my opinion about their platform.

I am dreaming someday i will become a popular writer thank you for this platform because it can help me to gain more idea and enhanced my writing skills.

Thank you for the people who always here to support me.

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To improve your grammar and syntax you can use something like but make sure to really correct all the mistakes detects. And use a spellchecker too (although I think has one)

Or you can also write in your native language although I suppose that will limit your potential readers.

You are from a country that has an insane war on drugs (, an overloaded prison system ( and a psychopathic leader ( Perhaps you could tell people your experience about these matters? There are a lot of libertarians on this website so maybe they would be interested in reading more about these from someone living there.

Please for the developers of readcash please make this platform fair.

But what do you expect them to do? They are already trying hard to help the smaller writers by giving out tips through a bot that tries to understand how popular and useful articles are. There's no point in complaining that the website is unfair. Life's unfair. Just try to improve yourself, look around and read what others write about.

Finally, once you have written an article that you think is really good, with as few grammatical mistakes as possible, use the BOOST feature to attract more readers to it. It will spend your money but if the article is interesting these readers may subscribe to you, who knows.

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1 month ago

It's all random now. You don't have to write so much to earn unlike before. Right now, sometimes even if you give effort you still dont get anything. Just like my other acquaintances here.

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1 month ago