My First Day In School

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My First Day In School

It happened I was given admission into the school of my choice which happened to be the source of my joy ever since I saw my admission letter, on occasions I do hear people say it's by luck one would gain admission into a university of their choices ...

So things like that do scare the shit out of me and would even sometimes trigger me to get or stuck to my book for some hours before being carried away by the cool breeze blowing through my windows....

I would actually say it has not been so easy for me ever since I was in college, I knew I actually had to pass or cross through three main rivers which are my O' level, my Joint admission matriculation board exam and finally my post UTME known as Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination.

In most cases most of my friends decided to go to schools in which they do not conduct the post UTME examination so as to reduce the risk of not getting into the university of their choices but as for me I had no other choice than to read and finally I made it through these rivers and I was admitted into the university of my choice.....

There were so many things we were asked to do after being given admission and it was a whole lot of stress, I was thinking it would actually be easy for me as it was when I was in my primary school or my secondary school, but there was a whole lot of difference, and the stress an individual would undergo also depends on the course such an individual decides to take ...

We were all asked to do one thing or the other which made me feel really sick and I got really tired but the staylite in the school kept on encouraging us that it was just a normal process everyone in the university had to pass through

So it was this early sunny morning that I had to go for my MEDICALS whereby I would take some tests in the school for future purposes, my house is actually far from the school and I haven't gotten an apartment or where I can actually stay in the school so as to reduce my stress, so I had no option than to come from my home down to the school

I had to wake up really early that morning so as to catch the bus and quickly prepare something to eat because I have been hearing people say and complain on how things are actually expensive in my school so I had no other option than to prepare something for myself which again took some of my time ...

I was planning to arrive at my school as early as 7am but it turned out I became late due to traffic and the misunderstandings between drivers on the road, well it seemed to be a normal process to me every morning

Everyone wants to go out and do one thing or the other so as to get something for a living.....

Finally I arrived at my school some minutes to 8:30am

I was really scared I won't be sent back to my father's house because they already warned everyone to come early as 7am and I knew I already passed my boundary...

So without knowing any instruction or having any information about how they were carrying out the MEDICALS I just went to Collect my specimen bottle and jumped into the queue, the look I got from one of the workers was just like I should enter the ground without coming out , as she walked up to me my heart began to race, her face already told me to even leave the queue

My dumb head didn't even remind me to urinate in my specimen bottle, I wonder what I was going to present to them when I finally reach inside

She shouted at me to get out of the line and follow the process... It was just too embarrassing buh I sobered up and left the line with some student laughing underneath

So I just had to ask a staylite how they were told to do things which he explained well to me and due to me following the process I used more than 3 hours

At least I was happy I wasn't sent back home and I did what I wanted to do in the school for that day

I don't want to start the story of my second day in school because it was not even good at all

I keep having new experiences as I go to school daily

Thanks for reading...

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