Testimonials of BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management Graduates from the Philippines

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Another major subject as well is Bar Management wherein you will encounter all kinds of liquor and liqueur from wine, beers, vodka, gin etc. And at the end, you will be making your own concoction or your own recipe of a unique ladies drink or an innovative mix while dancing and performing your own flair-tending routines together with a techno music. Exciting, isn't it?

One of the highlights of being an HRM student is the competition that you can join in your school or inter-school wherein you will showcase your talent in the field that you chose like cooking, flair tending, table setting, flower arrangement etc. Take note that these competitions that you have participated and better if you became a placer will make a point to employers once you will be applying for a job.

Though there are still a lot of activities that I haven't mentioned above that you will encounter in this course, but the most exciting part for me of being an HRM student is the educational tour! In our school before, we always have our tour every semester, so probably I had 8 tours locally and internationally since it is only a four-year course. Imagine the life going out with your colleagues in different places and staying there for three days and you will not do anything but to eat in different restaurants/hotels, visiting different historical places, participating in activities like rappelling, wake boarding, zip line and a whole lot more. Enjoying a great scenery with your friends and of course, SWIMMING! Imagine a hotel or resort wherein majority of the guests are all from your school since it's a school tour and it is compulsory. Hint: one thing for sure is that you will not be having a good sleep at night since you will be choosing to lure around the resort/hotel with your friends at night at take some photos and selfies.

list bulletMy current job:

I am now an HR and Admin head in a bank here in Dubai at my very young age of 22. I became a branch manager in one of the country's largest fast food chain ate the age of 20. After graduation, I decided to be a Management Trainee and be a manager. The reason why I am an HR right now, is just because I use my experience in my hotel practicum in a 5 star hotel wherein I had my extensive training in HR department.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job:

Actually, I became a call center agent first for 4 months only right after my graduation. It was my way to give myself a time to think where to practice my degree. But one thing I guarantee you, it is good to have a call center background, for it will be a good foundation to everyone. You will practice your English fluently, imagine a life taking calls direct from United States and talking to different Americans for straight 8 hours. You will definitely enhance your speaking ability in English language fluently and professionally wherein you can use it in tough interviews, and make them amaze on the way you deliver yourself to the interviewer and employer.

list bulletAdvice to people who are thinking of studying this course:

Well, this course is a course with a lot of option when you cannot decide what job you want to be involved after graduation. Some schools offer specialization or major in HRM such as major in cruise line, major in culinary etc. Though in general, you really have a lot of options. You can be in cruise line, hotels, restaurants, resorts, airlines (since one of your major is tourism), and even overseas wherein staff in hospitality abroad has great demand of number of worker or anywhere else where hospitality must be applied.

list bulletAbout my college education:

BSHRM was not my first choice of course. I really would like to pursue a career related to advertising, photography and the likes. However, fate decided to intervene and suddenly I realized that I am taking up HRM. It was not enjoyable at first due to subjects like housekeeping and Food and beverage services which honestly, I look down on this kind of jobs before. But as I continue to study the course, I fell in love with it, especially the food preparation side. It is because of this course that I discovered my love for cooking and it quickly turned into a passion. I also fell in love with all the things related to the food and hospitality industry. I gave great respect to all those people who are working in this industry and I am also proud to be a part of it now.

For skills needed to succeed in this course? My answers is that you don't really need the skills before you decided to take up this course. What you need is the proper attitude. You can hone your skills while studying this course but you must be prepared mentally and physically to do it. Taking up BSHRM may not give you fancy sounding job positions but it will certainly can give you a job that you can be proud of.

list bulletMy current job:

I am currently working as a cook at Alfredo's Steak House as I discovered that I love to cook and I am really happy with my job.

list bulletAm I using what I learned in college:

Yes, and I mostly use the things I learned with food preparation.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job:

Roughly 2 months after graduation, I took up my OJT in the establishment I am working right now and after I graduated, they messaged me if I want to work with them.

list bulletDo I recommend studying HRM:

Yes, if it's your passion and if you are decided that this course would make you do what you are happy about. If you are undecided, then you should try if it is for you even for one semester.

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