True love

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Hello friends today i want to talk about true love

Many still don't know what true love is

Some believes that love fades away.

Some believes That love dies completely.

But I'm here to correct all so lets get right into it.

You see, True love never fades neither does it die but it is everlasting and believe me when u say everlasting and i am saying this from experience.

When it comes to love many think that they can walk away from it anytime they want maybe because they person they are in love with messed up one way or the other they now think that they can end the relationship and be able to move on but no my friends when you are truly in love with someone it doesn't go away whenever you see them the feelings will come back even if you have dated so many people after the break up.

True love is so strong that the moment you are into it, it plants a seed in your heart that will always be there no matter how long you guys have seen each other whenever you manage to set your eyes on each other the feelings will come right up that is to show you that, that place of yout heart belongs to someone and no other can fill it up.

Why many think that they can fall out of love is that they can let go, yes my friends it is easy to let go of anyone you are not in love with because obviously you have nothing to lose because you were never in love in the first place.

Yes you were just drawn to them because they filled up a void in your life at the point in time not because it is love but because it is a mere attraction mistaken for love.

Many think they are in love with someone because the person came at that time of their lives when the need that person yes maybe the time when were facing alot of stress and no time for parties or anything fun and somehow they meet someone who is funny and is the party type, They then develop a strong attraction to them not because it is true love but because those people came at the time in their lives when they need someone that's it nothing more nothing less. And when the relationship crashes we will see them able to move and not feel anything they moment they meet their exes afterwards because it wasn't love they were never in love that is why it is easy to let go of someone they claimed they loved.

Many tend to say that they love someone because of how funny they are or how kind they are or because sexual desire and most especially confusion.

On a scale 5 to 10 of relationships that is existing today are based on confusion which is the question

For the ladies(am i love with him of course he makes me feel safe. He is funny and tall and handsome and a go getter and has vision.

For the guys ( am i in love with her she is beautiful, presentable hardworking supportive

This my friends is the basis of modern relationships and when we finally find someone that fits in this category we shout hurray she or he is the one we are looking for ,forgetting that it does work that way

Throughout our history here on earth there have been inseparable lovers who were totally different in all they did withoagain.y form of similarity between them, they people they loved had non of the above things or qualities i mentioned but their love still worked out.

So quit looking for someone that fit in your book things i want in a man or woman because the person who are meant for might not fit in any of the things you wanted and wished for but they will be able to bond with you in a spectacular way that you never dream of

So please true love never dies or fade away so if you think your love someone is fading away check yourself very well maybe you were never in love with them maybe you think you lovr them because they came in your life when you needed someone that doesn't mean it is love because the moment you move passed that part of your life you will see yourself not needing them again.

Have a blissful day and stay loved.

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2 years ago