Wrong choice of words when talking to a lady

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3 years ago

What's up people!!!

So I've been kind of successful in most of the relationships I've had with the opposite sex, and most times when we break up, it's not cause I did something bad, things just happen.

So my friends have been asking me for tips on how to keep their relationships working and how to speak to a girl property without offending her

Most young relationships encounter problems because of small issues like "wrong choice of words".

I've seen relationships end because a guy kept saying the wrong things and it made their one on one moments feel weird.

So, I decided to write this piece here on read cash, and then send the link to my friends and anyone who needs to read this, so they can benefit from it.

So here are some mistakes guys make when speaking to a girl.

  1. Never say to a girl, "do you know how many other girls are dying to be with me"? That right there, is a major turn off for most girls. Ladies don't like to feel like they're in a competition with any girl for your heart. They might love you dearly but don't make them feel like they're competing for your attention and love. Most times when guys say this, its cause they feel the girl is not acting the way they want. If you're still in an early stage of your relationship, that's a very dangerous line to use.

  2. Never compare a girl to another girl. Girls are very sensitive. When you compare them to their fellow girls, it'll affect their self esteem and male them feel insecure around you. You've just lost her trust. She begins to suspect every other girl you move with. That won't be a healthy relationship to be in.

  3. Don't tell a girl, " you're the most beautiful girl in the world", rather tell her, "you're very beautiful". Girls know that you're just trying to flatter them if you tell them they're the most beautiful in the world. They know that's not true. But when you look straight in their eye and tell them they're very beautiful, that sticks.

  4. Finally, don't tell a girl whom you like, that she's fat. Even though she is fat, she doesn't wanna hear it from you. She might laugh about it but its a stigma that'll stick in her head. It's more polite to tell her, you're plumpy or you are big. Its a psychological thing.

So that will be all for now. This is just the part one.

I'll do more if this .

I hope you learn a thing or two from here.

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3 years ago


I wonder if you like fat girls why you say "you are fat". I cannot say " plumpy" is flattering. Perhaps these guys who love a big mama can send her that song the hippo sang in Madagascar? At least that hippo loves big and is man enough to say so.

As a man you better ask yourself if you are such a great catch. If 'many die to be with you' (never heard a guy saying that) I would say "What keeps you. Go for it."

It doesn't give me the feeling to compare with others but tells me that guy has clearly some brain damage and is a narcissist.

We know what we look like and we are not blind for what guys look like, their rediculios behaviour, the way they smell and... Eat. If it comes to beauty.. Better say "To me you are beautiful". We know men lie straight into our eyes without blinking to get into our pants and brag about it.

Keep the mouth shut, being attentive and have a cute smile does wonders.

Good luck to all those guys who say stupid things. 🍀💕

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3 years ago

Loll😂😂😂 OK, this comment made my morning. I'm glad a girl agrees to most of the stuff written up there. And no, I'm not into fate girls. I don't know if you're fat or something, or if you've had a fat friend before. You can easily you're fat to your friend and you guys might laugh over it. But I remember telling girls they're fat and the way they looked at me from that day changed.

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3 years ago