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3 years ago

A lot of people advertising their businesses and all that they're into...they're all good stuff and all, but 70% of these people lack STAY POWER. One day they're selling something, after some months of not making enough profit, they quit and go and start learning another trade, then to another and another. Life doesn't work that way. The successful business men you see today didn't start making profit in just 6 months, some even had to stay 2 years just to gain ground.

One of the reasons people lack STAY POWER Is because some enter a business because they feel that's what is bringing the money now...that's what's reigning friend's doing it too, so I can...

Most of them end up failing. That's why you don't just start a business one day. It starts from your mind. Birth it for months, years sometimes, before you begin. Know the in and out of the business, the risks and all...learn at least 50% of what it involves before you begin.

Well, I know some people are doing the small business they're going now, just to raise capital for the big one they're planning for, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't also think big in that seemingly small business you started, don't wait till you have money for the big one before thinking big.

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