Pay Attention to your Inspiration

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3 years ago

A lot of people I know have been having issues and problems when it cones to writing. Right from middle school, I had classmates and even seniors that find it hard to write stories or formulate an essay or a write up from their heads. Essay writing has been one of their weaknesses. I remember I even made money from my peers by doing assignments from them. Most of them called me the "lord of lies", because they believed I could formulate lies from my head and put in into writing and submit to my teacher, who would in turn give me a very good score. The lies were too good, they thought. But they were very wrong about it!!

I wasn't just telling lies all the time like they thought, rather I was very good at paying attention to my surroundings and not just people. I could feel the atmosphere, I drew my inspiration from things and people around me. Most times, when people would be conversing, I would just sit and listen, not because I wanna be a part of the conversation, but I picked up a thing or two from the conversation and would put it in writing and expound on it, add a little fiction also yo spice things up. That's where I get my inspiration from. So, when I'm writing or speaking to people about life, I speak with ease.

Most people don't lack the ability to write or speak well, they just lack inspiration. They don't know what inspires them, so in turn they won't know what to write or say in public. Find your inspiration. For some people, it could be music. Like me also, when I wanna read, a little music boosts my ability to assimilate well.

Find what motivates you or what gives you inspiration, trust me, you'll be a better writer, a better speaker, and you'll be better at what you do.

Find your inspiration!

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