I Believe in Humanity

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3 years ago

"Humans are mean"!

" humans are wicked"!

"Humans treat mother nature badly"! And all sorts of things people say about other humans.

They're right, yes they are. But don't generalise it. There are still humans who still do good. Who are kind, loving, generous etc. Everyone is not the same.

The fact that you see some humans treat other people and animals bad, doesn't mean that humans are bad.

A lot of people have started preferring animals to humans. They believe animals are harmless and peaceful. Or that's what they want to believe.

Yes there are peaceful animals too, and so are there peaceful humans too.

Humans kill each other, animals kill each other too.

Humans fight for survival, and so do animals. There's no wrong or right way to do it depending on the angle you're looking at it from.

Humans do not eat themselves but animals do.

Yes humans eat animals, but tell me you've never eaten any animal product before and I'll let you go on that's one.

Humans fight for territories, animals fight for Territories.

Because a lot of people haven't studied the lives of animals in the wild when they're left to themselves, they end up concluding that animals are better than humans.

When species of similar kind are kept together for a long time, emotions tend to flare up and they get hurt. Its normal in both man and animal.

The only difference is man is more advanced that animals in the mind and is capable of doing more harm or more good.

Everyday I see people who kill each other, but I also see people who save each other. Good is still in the world. It exists both in man and animals.

So don't write off humans. You are human too.

There's hope for humanity.

I believe in humanity!!!

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I believe in it too but humanity doesn't come with humans but animal life. Humans and bestiality fit together. Humanity... It's just what we are forced into, same like sharing (rich no one became by sharing) and always doing things with others. Here we are... No longer able to keep ourselves busy, shouting, yelling, beating up others out of boredom, frustration. Those who don't you won't hear or meet. It always been that way. The brutal reign.

Merry Christmas.

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3 years ago

Yeah. Its a life we were born into. Its almost inevitable Merry Christmas to you too.

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3 years ago