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3 years ago

It's the beginning of another decade.

A new year brings about new hopes, new resolutions, new plans, new budgets, new friends, new enemies, a new age,a new beginning, and so on. I can go on and on about what new things the new year brings, but I'll stop there for now.

For us living in Nigeria, 2020 was a very violent year, even though there were great turning points for me and some other citizens. But for the country at large, it was a year filled with bloodshed, hunger, starvation, poverty, unemployment etc.

From the Covid 19 disease spread, to the lockdown, to the protests. Things didn't go as planned.

Business enterprises crumbled, while some flourished. But in all, I'm grateful to be alive and well. In all these problems that arose, I still spent a lot of money improving myself. It was the mist money I spent improving myself in a year.

I'm grateful for life and good health. My whole family made it into the new year, with no health issue.

In the year 2020, even with the issues going on, my brother got a better job, my sister got a better job, my immediate elder sister graduated from the university.

To all the families who lost one person or more, I'm deeply sorry. Accept my condolences.

Its a new year, a fresh start for everyone.

Cheer up!

Sit up!

It's gonna be better when you make yourself a better person this year.

I wish y'all a happy new year!! A year filled with love and prosperity. I pray you increase in all your doings

Stay safe people!!

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3 years ago