Will bitcoin be a Trojan horse?

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2 years ago

On this occasion, I will write a short article on an issue, although not novel, if current.

Somebody blockchain technology enthusiast could tell us that he has clarity on the matter, but no one has total certainty, much less the absolute truth.

Some doubt, with good reason, about the real purpose behind the statement made in the Bitcoin White Paper; Indeed, the anonymity behind Satoshi Nakamoto's pseudonym inspires much suspicion.

Could you trust someone who is hiding?

Not really. So why do you support the secret and universal ballot when it comes to electing a government?

Some intelligent person will say, "I'm not hiding! I'm just exercising a right under conditions of privacy to avoid coercion or reprisal."

So, one could argue (in both directions) the pros and cons of secrecy or anonymity, obviating the moral law of not lying. Of course, this (the moral law) can also spark a debate of whether it is natural or not to man.

How is not a philosophical discussion based on intentional rhetoric; let us leave these questions open.

In any case, following the Homeric story as an analogy to discern which crypto to trust. I think it is relevant. Do not be so simplistic and naive when you create a wallet and store the coins of your preferences.

Some do not distinguish a traditional banking application from a crypto wallet custody or non-custodial.

In this sense, they think and act similar to King Priam when he ordered the famous horse to enter the fortified city-state, pride of the Trojans.

Please, let us digress to consider the grave Canadian situation regarding the violation of rights and freedoms in economic matters derived from the truckers' protests.

Imagine that the government of your country, freezing the supposed money you think you have in the bank for some reason that the elite assumes necessary.

You will agree with me; This is arbitrariness and collapses the masks they are wearing.

You'll say to me now, "Wait, dude. What does this have to do with bitcoin or the other cryptos being trojan horses?"

A lot! Beyond the economic and the political, there is the pure exercise of power. Then, you can see how the Canadian case is a current example of this and why the decentralization that bitcoin offers is relevant in the face of a debt-based monetary system migrating in front of us.

So discerning which is the real bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies that suit you best in the kind of wallet you should have is vital to prevent the horse in front of you from penetrating your walls.

Well, as far as I could find out, it seems that the Bitcoin identified by BTC is the ultimate Trojan Horse.

So, the right choice, without a doubt, is Bitcoin Cash (BCH). If King Priam were alive Today, he would not make the same mistake.

An original article by @Jnavedan

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2 years ago


BTC as a Trojan horse; an interesting and thought-provoking comparison. The beginning offers the seed to another interesting subject; the moral-philosophical question of the relation between anonymity, secret election and lying. A good article!

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2 years ago

Hello, my friend.

Thank you for your kind comments. Very pleased that it was to your liking.


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2 years ago