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10 months ago

Lots of code for your Web experience

Have you ever inspected the code behind a simple web page like the one you are reading?

It is fascinating to see the sheer number of lines and conjunction of Programmation languages with their instructions employed that make it possible for one to enjoy reading.

Also, consider the wonders of browser extensions and plug-ins.

So, one can interact with documents regardless of the original language in which the texts were written.

And to think! Such resources at your fingertips were unimaginable in my youth.

I imagine, in the future, you won't even have to use gadgets to interact with machines.

Yes! I still remember with nostalgia the TV series that tried to recreate a future where domotics was omnipresent. Talking, sentient tin robots, flying cars parked in homes among the clouds.

At the time, I thought I would never see it in my lifetime, but I was wrong.

Now, you'll agree with me that of more concern are the current fictions of a future world that address creepy dystopias possible if we don't take action on them.

For example, let's think about Artificial Intelligence. There are already Bots writing programming code to assist a human programmer. Who knows if it will replace him (or her) tomorrow.

To make matters worse! Even Artificial intelligence has advanced so fast that they are already writing posts that will surely fill websites shortly.

I wonder, where will we humans be left?

My youngest daughter recently told me about her desire to learn HTML. A skill she wants to acquire and thus apply for the web market as a freelance in the category of virtual assistants.

I think I once commented in an article on read.cash that I worked as a software developer some thirty years ago. So I told my daughter, "don't worry, I'll help you in any way I can."

I'll be honest with you. The idea of getting back into programming (immediately) excited me. As well as being able to share this hobby with my daughter.

I don't know if you know that I am somewhat self-taught. In the past, it was more difficult than now with so many quality free resources on the web. In that sense, I downloaded two extensive tutorials to start at the beginning in what they call Frontend.

Now you understand why I was talking (at the beginning of the article) about the wonders of web page coding.

Of course, like everything in life, it pays off. Mastery comes with systematic practice.

There is no hard work if you enjoy doing it.

It wasn't a couple of days ago that I watched a video of Lola Astanova playing Children by Robert Miles. At first sight, it looks so easy that I dared to comment that it is an easy piece to play.

But I soon came back to reality.

The young and beautiful pianist (whom I had never seen playing the piano before) was a virtuoso. I am sure that she (from a very young age) practiced to exhaustion from the joy of one well-played piece.

With this in mind, I told my daughter, "scheduling requires perseverance and passion if you want to excel and reach your goals. But first and foremost, you must have fun in the challenges you will face."

Some people want everything without trying hard and end up frustrated at the first stumble. The secret is to have fun during every milestone along the way.

The other secret is to always learn something new and constantly improve yourself.

Yes, intelligent machines may surpass us in everything someday, but I doubt much they will enjoy that feat.

In the meantime, I will enjoy being a coach to my daughter, and maybe end up successfully programming again in the Blockchain era.

Although, mind you!

I'll try to have as much fun as possible without neglecting my passion for writing for a select audience like you.

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10 months ago


I think in future human will have less task to do and only bots can do all types of work

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10 months ago

Totally I agree with you on this. Greetings.

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10 months ago