What is behind the CBDC? Oops!

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Crypto crashes boost CBDCs.

I recently read an interesting article on CBDC by one of my favorite authors here during the FTX crash and remembered my article uploaded about five months ago on the same topic but in the context of the Terra Luna collapse. 


And I said to myself, "What a joke, these bastards are pushing the throttle!

Excuse the connotation of my last exclamation, but it's outrageous and unfortunate that it's all happening so fast!

Of course, I understand and defend the freedom of each person to support the causes that best suit them, as long as they do not affect the liberty and welfare of others.  

In this sense, the conflict is served beforehand.

I wonder, is it worthwhile to continue warning about the effects of CBDCs on ordinary citizens?

Sometimes I feel a little disillusioned when I see, in my environment, the lack of concern and ignorance about the future that awaits us.

But at the same time, a halo of hope comes to me when I learn that the pilot projects for the entry of CBDCs are not working as expected.

That is, people are not so stupid as to give up privacy in their ordinary transactions without resistance. 

So, still, people prefer cash on the street, with all its flaws, this will be an obstacle to achieving the kind of society they want.

Of course, one should not err on the side of naivety. My leather wallet has long since been empty of bills and coins.   

I still remember the talks of my grandparents' generation; they talked about silver and gold coins. In fact, I saw some of these, specifically: the silver ones. It is incredible how these were taken out of circulation in less than three generations.

Even my cardholder will soon be (totally) obsolete in the face of digital wallets on my smartphone.

Perhaps the final stumbling block will be the ultimate adoption of a single digital identity with global reach for the success of the model intended by the elites. 

I must be honest; we are close to the craziest dystopias.

We, the banked, can already pay with the presentation of the digital fingerprint. It sounds great, but the benefits also hide more dire pretensions.

Now, if you are one of the unbanked. I regret to inform you that the disincorporation of fiat money to make way for CBDC will force you to give up your total privacy in monetary matters. Unless you decide to migrate to the laws of nature on an island outside civilization. 

Let's not be delusional. These people have been working for generations, and the changes are happening with all the setbacks.

Besides, only think, where do you think they get the executors of the plans?  

I look at myself in the mirror and discover to my horror, that I worked for them without knowing their plans. Even though I was convinced that it was for the good of me and my relatives.

One must be too stupid to believe in CBDCs as the ultimate solution to the world's problems.

In that sense, the oppressive minority does not have it easy when asked:

How to restore people's faith in money by keeping it controlled and distributed by central banking totally outside of market influences?

Ask yourself, can one trust a CBDC designed:

  • With an expiration date, 

  • Under a negative interest rate on savings,

  • Programmable, and that allows real-time monitoring of transactions, 

  • Which behave like coupons for revocable goods and services,

  • Confiscatable at any time at the discretion of governments, who decide (selective) anonymity and direct effects?

Well, I do not!

They already know. Remember, they are not stupid, either. So, don't be surprised they have decades of planning and pilot projects (trial and error) that are positioning the ideas that dominate us.

Sure, you already know that the secret weapon to impose CBDCs is in the ideological anchoring on the carbon footprint that allows a social credit system.

If you haven't noticed. The CBDC is only the instrument to close the fence of the domination of the population.

In this sense, the CDBCs will be tied to the social credit system controlled by an artificial intelligence programmed with the algorithms of the globalists who affirm that the planet must be depopulated.

We are going straight toward digital dictatorship.

Of course, as I said before, they don't have it easy. If so, they would have already done it years ago.

Although there are no full freedoms anywhere on the planet, still there are spaces and freedom. Mainly in mind, no matter how alienated it is.

Source: The image was generated by Stable Diffusion


Whether you like it or not, you are involved in a war where freedom of conscience is at stake. Of course! They need our consent.

I wonder, how will they get consent?

Unfortunately, history shows that the final strategy is WAR.

Perhaps they are betting, consciously or unconsciously, on the acceptance of slavery for fear of extermination.

In this sense, all the trappings of the universal rights of man were a great farce.

So let's get ready for the CBDCs to come onto the scene.

You know in advance that the right to privacy will be violated. 

So don't give up!

Take a breath and move to:

  • Defend decentralization

  • Support free software.

  • Seek a self-organized society.

  • Work on adopting peer-to-peer cryptocurrency.

  • Take refuge in solid assets.

  • Avoid dependence on the government: public assistance.

  • Say no to universal basic income (+ CBDC).

  • Seek to be as independent of the traditional monetary system.

  • Come to the fraternity and solidarity

  • Connect with like minds.

  • Reject Psychological Operations: Avoid Media Messages.

Yes, my friend, we are very far from the perpetual peace that Kant imagined.

The only peace that they visualize is the peace of death for those they consider surplus.

An original article by @Jnavedan

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