True competition

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2 years ago

It is unbelievable that from childhood, the attitude of being the best is imposed on us.

Competition among supposedly equals alienates our minds by throwing us out into the world in quest of trophies that no one else cares about and whose sense of satisfaction disappears almost instantly.

Looking back, in retrospect, one wonders, where did the successes go, and who else cares?

Some go for sports, others for achieving scholarships or the arts, and the more pragmatic for making a lot of money.

All, without exception, will achieve such goals ephemerally and, perhaps, settle for the faded memory in the minds of others. Even the most ostentatious will display the trophies, however small they may be.

I wonder how intelligent such behavior is and if there is another, more rewarding path?

Well, I guess all this rambling doesn't make much sense. The world is the way it is; what else is left, just accept it.

However, I see so much dissatisfaction all around me; that I have a hard time acknowledging that it is an immutable truth.

In recapitulating my life, I think of the dozens of awards and other academic degrees that once adorned the walls of the offices of companies that kidnapped my dreams to consolidate theirs.

I ask myself, in what was I the best and for what?

You should be asking yourself some of these questions too.

Well, pardon me if I'm whipping you into a frenzy with these crazy ideas of mine.

I know that everyone should live their life to the best of their ability and that it is a fact of life the competitive attribute of the world.

But I also suspect that acting based on a caring attitude can be more rewarding than eminently individual action.

Of course, this is an attitude that is not usually taught. It only appears in adverse circumstances and forces one to cooperate in the face of a common threat or enemy.

Although, come to think of it. Poverty is a situation that should be fought collectively, and yet some profit and prosper from it.

Yes, it's crazy! But you cannot deny that I am right.

Perhaps the cause of many of our ills lies in competition.

I am not against fair and honest competition. The problem is that many of those who compete have no scruples and abuse others by bending the boundaries to their advantage.

Besides, who will remember tomorrow?

The end justifies the means, but those who suffer the effects do not.

I dare to affirm that you should triumph without pain or glory, without harming others. Perhaps, no one will remember it, only you and those who really appreciate you in the path.

I don't know where you are in the race of life and how happy you are. But it is not too much to stop and meditate on how satisfied you are and for whom you work.

It's never too late to rectify if necessary. The hard part is to realize that you need to stop competing for selfish achievements.

Perhaps the feeling of emptiness after each goal is an indication that something is wrong.

If you have to compete, make sure it's against you. Let the goal be the best version of you.

Also, don't forget there are other paths to satisfying achievement that don't involve competition.

Perhaps, this is the true goal of life.

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2 years ago


Essentially meaningless competition, to compare oneself to others, is the root of many problems of the individual and the world. I agree with you here. I long ago stopped comparing myself with others. I am I, and they are they, and I pursue my goals without the built-in paradigm of a top 10 list.

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2 years ago