There is no way how to evaluate the value of bitcoin, unlike evaluating company stocks

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Breaking myths

More than a myth, it is a lie! Before continuing, I want to clarify that when you hear or read about bitcoin, do not be fooled by the narrative promoted by those who support BTC. The facts show that this is not.

So, you ask yourself.

Which of those who dispute the true identity of bitcoin is it?

Those who have been here for some time, at, have no doubts. But if you find this article by chance, and for the record, I do not believe in coincidences, you should know that there is only one, and that is Bitcoin Cash.

So the first myth to dispel is that BTC is the original. Nothing further from the truth. In this sense, any of us, writers on the platform, can give you dozens of arguments to get you out of the deception.

Having clarified the matter, I invite you to dismantle with me the myth that bitcoin, I repeat, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), cannot be evaluated as the shares of a company.

Of course, bitcoin can be evaluated as a store of value and much more; Since storing value is just one more attribute of its intrinsic use as money! In addition, the owners of the shares are all those who own BCH.

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Do remember, and if you don't know. Find out bitcoin is not run by any company. It is the core of an ecosystem that grows based on the community's interests, enabling decentralized management under the dynamic consensus makes it a pioneer for the digital economy that transcends at this time.

Although I use BCH, despite current limitations, as a means of buying and selling goods and services, I do not deny or criticize those who use it to protect themselves from inflation or as if they were actions in financial instruments.

Please don't tell me now, "But bitcoin is very volatile and risky!"

Life itself is a risk one takes at birth involuntarily. So, forget about it. Yes, it is volatile in the bidding between those who want it to replace the corrupt status quo and those who wish failure to their advantage.

Well, by now, you will have caught the truth behind this myth.

The value of bitcoin goes beyond the quantitative in terms of money. In the digital space, you will find hundreds of posts explaining how the value of a cryptocurrency is determined; From fundamental analysis to technical, if you are looking to be a well-versed financial speculator in crypto.

However, the real value of bitcoin is oriented to revolutionize your own life. If you want can see it as if it were a business.

Excuse me. If you think I'm trying to go off on a tangent and avoid the myth. No. No. I want to emphasize that bitcoin is more than just a stock.

So if not will behave like a stock; Think about why corporate players are now entering the crypto game visibly and why governments rush to regulate the growing crypto market.

It should be enough to throw away such a vile lie that seeks only to lose you on the way.

Of course, someone with basic financial and stock market knowledge could argue that, as there is no legal entity responsible for the project as a specific entity, neither can it issue shares to raise capital.

In this sense, with this in mind, one explains why the creation of non-profit foundations as entities in charge of their development and the proliferation of governance mechanisms called DAOs.

However, we are still at an early stage, and rest assured that creative solutions will appear sooner rather than later; I hope those will benefit everyone.

In the end, remember, bitcoin is itself a means and an end to changing the system in your favor.

Do not believe all the bad things they say about real bitcoin, they are pure myths without foundation and bad intention.

An original article by @Jnavedan

Cover photo by Daniel Lloyd Blunk-Fernández on Unsplash

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2 years ago


Thank you very much for your kind words, you have written so beautifully, in fact our creativity will grow faster and you should be aware of the misconceptions we have about Bitcoin. Thank you.

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2 years ago

Hello, my friend.

On the contrary, thank you for leaving a comment that allows me to appreciate that the article is useful. I hope that your journey through this world that is just beginning is fruitful and liberating.


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2 years ago