The reason for the seemingly irrelevant

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2 years ago

This week is going very fast and seemingly irrelevant to me. I wonder, though, what is the criterion for judging what is relevant?

In a way, an activity may seem insignificant in itself. And yet the reasons behind it may have a lot of hidden weight.

In that sense, I ask you, what are you doing reading a guy like me behind this screen that brings us together right now?

Maybe it's out of simple curiosity or a quirk of fate.

Maybe you are an inveterate reader like me; who enjoys writing in an amateur way for a virtual audience that shares your tastes.

Besides, what does our virtual relationship bring to the world?

Perhaps it would be better to go around the world dealing face to face with each other.

If I have learned anything -well, I believe in it- it is the fullness of nuances and hidden meanings in life before the eyes of the simple.

Nothing happens by chance. Only one cannot understand the causes and concatenation of events. If I am not mistaken, there is even a scientific theory that tries to define, explain and predict this reality in the face of apparent chance.

In any case, beyond these perorations of mine typed, I enjoy very much reading you. Although to be honest with you, Unfortunately, in the last few weeks, I felt overwhelmed by procrastinating home activities and the increasing accumulated articles to read in my feed.

Also, my wife started a sudden entrepreneurship project, and I feel more than obliged, pleased to help her.

Yes, I was away from home a lot, working to ensure my family's livelihood. How many seemingly irrelevant events did I miss; while my children were growing up?

Now, when I hear some reproaches from them and my wife. I unsuccessfully try to justify my absence.

Perhaps this is the burden that man must bear in our civilization.

Moreover, in recent decades, women are also encouraged to work success for emancipation from the yoke of men. In my opinion, a total perversion to the detriment of ancient values.

Dear female readers, please excuse me, and I don't want to sound sexist.

Remember that at this moment, I support my wife's enterprise. So nothing could be further from sexist, don't you think!

As a husband, I just want her to be happy, despite my convictions.

Let me explain my views. Although these could also be wrong. Who has the absolute truth?

I believe that the root of the problem of unsatisfactory family life is the spatial separation of the differentiated roles of family members imbued in a consumer society that rewards so-called competition over natural teamwork.

Both men and women complement each other, and both are emancipated from the danger of the environment. They should not compete. On the contrary, they are a whole that is consolidated through their children.

Perhaps if I had learned this earlier, I would not be reproachful today.

Of course, there is another thing I learned painfully: It is that not everyone gets to learn from the lessons of others, and they need to experience them for themselves.

So, you can't and shouldn't stand in the way of those you love learning, even if it hurts, but you can be there to share it and help them through it.

The fundamental motive behind seemingly irrelevant things is the love you have to give, even if it takes a drain on your energy.

In the end, you will only take to the grave what you gave.

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2 years ago


Very interesting your way of thinking. I congratulate you for the support you are giving to your wife's endeavor. That support has a lot of value in the emotional part, since it consolidates more your union as a couple. Let bygones be bygones. Live your moment in the present. I have many years living without a partner and I like to consolidate healthy friendships, similar to my principles and values. In the virtual world I like to read and learn about other people and their culture and you are among those friendships that I always seek to read. I wish you a blessed day with your family.

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2 years ago