The least effort and greed

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An unfair world

Who would doubt that work is the legitimate way to earn a living? Only those accustomed to pillage would argue against such an assertion, those who by force or deception deprive those who with effort and sacrifice produce the goods and services they need.

The history of peoples is plagued with shameful events, where the reiteration of the oppression of the strong over the poor and the manipulation of the few over the many in the exercise of power and control are still manifesting themselves throughout the spectrum of society's work.

It is ironic to think that probably someone oppressed by the system can change sides if he only receives some power to do so. He can easily transform into an oppressor or a rogue.

In the financial world, this practice shows itself subtly behind the rarefied technicalities, misleading the majority. Those who arrange or generate the flow of information very often distort the natural relationships of supply and demand. The objective is to strip the deluded and unwary of the capital product of years of work when they invest it in the hope of not seeing the value disappear due to inflation.

The initial promise of those who launched bitcoin to society in 2008, if I am not mistaken, was to reverse this insane practice. The idea of ​​decentralizing by excluding intermediaries from the process of exchange of goods and services was to take power from the elites to give it to all people in a fairer and more balanced redistribution, where anonymous transactions also give transparency to the system by remaining registered in a ledger distributed throughout the world.

Since then, technology has advanced along divergent paths in a competition to achieve the fundamental objective. These days anyone, moderately intelligent, can launch their own perspective through a project that brings together wills and capital. This is where some unscrupulous dupes the enthusiasts. They fall in love with genius programmers and idealistic investors in projects that look spectacular and ambitious on paper.

Bitcoin (BTC) dominates more than 60% of the market capitalization, the other 40% is distributed among more than 7,000 cryptocurrencies and tokens. Among the latter, we find, unfairly, Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The defenders of this project maintain that it is the original bitcoin because it is the only one that guides its development under the original premises of Satoshi Nakamoto.

The common people, small or large, do not participate in this discussion, it even seems byzantine and makes little sense to them. From experience, he knows that the best technology does not always end up imposing itself on society when it is subordinated to the interests of those who manage the markets.

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A deceptive promise

Today, the news from the mainstream media points to significant movements by some major investors, as well as flagship technology, including former naysayers, who now praise bitcoin as a legitimate investment bet, comparing it to gold. This should raise reasonable doubts about the purpose.

The optimists are very happy to see the price of bitcoin rise, dragging the alternative cryptocurrencies (altcoin) after it. The latter aspires to overthrow bitcoin and fulfill the initial promise, for example, Ethereum, Litcoin, just to name the top; In consequence, they will also see funds increase, continuing with the respective roadmaps. Others will just take profits and disappear along the way as failed projects at best, or fraudulent at worst.

The elites of the status quo will speak marginally of cryptocurrencies and failed ecosystems for magnifying the fraudulent and manipulating public opinion less relevant every day. In such a way as to promote the solution to the imminent global economic collapse by the unlimited issuance of money and debt, as it suits them. In fact, the implementation of CDBC, the centralized options to the decentralized blockchain, have already appeared.

The declaration of the world economic forum, which met virtually recently, should not be forgotten, which since 2017 has been promoting an economic reset based on the transhumanist agenda, universal basic income, and the abolition of private property; in what they call inclusive capitalism. Phrases like, "You will have nothing and you will be happy," must scare you. It seems like the more than fiction monstrosity between Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World" and George Orwell's "1984".

I know that many will applaud cheering the arrival of the approaching new order, dismissing the threat hidden in the promise of seductive progress, where artificial intelligence and large-scale automation will free humanity from work and disease as we merge with the machines.

Ask yourself based on the promised world of tomorrow, will Nakamoto's crypto have a chance of success? What crypto projects will remain standing if the target scenario of the elites is met? Will everyone have the same treatment in the future planned by the elite?

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Final considerations

The year 2020 was a small bite of things to come. The transition phase of the production model began with the disappearance of traditional jobs and the almost massive rise of telework in technocratic sectors. The supposed pandemic is far from over, on the contrary, the authorities predict new waves with reserved fatality forecasts.

A burgeoning optimism in technology is spreading in the news media at all levels. The long-awaited mass adoption of cryptocurrencies will come with the regulation of the States under the coordination of a supranational entity in coexistence with the CDBCs.

Imagine an existence without having to work to satisfy food, clothing, and a safe place to rest. But what will you be tired of? And where will you use the vital energy?

Something to ponder without a doubt, meanwhile, visionary people are obliged to continue looking for a way to achieve a balanced and fair treatment for all through a catalytic instrument of change.

This instrument is probably of a technological type with a massive reach. Not under the domination of an Artificial Intelligence in the service of a few that enslaves the human race. A too bizarre and oppressive solution dressed in false freedom. There are less sinister alternatives of liberation, such as the one devised by the incognito Satoshi Nakamoto, be it an individual or a group. So, I considered in a broad perspective, which of the candidates for the legacy of the original bitcoin project will prevail in the end as a contender to the elite model?

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Perhaps, it is yet to emerge, although Bitcoin Cash has by inheritance a great potential and pragmatic imperative to lead the fight against the erroneous behavior of minimum effort and the greed of those who want to deprive you of what is yours.

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