The importance of knowing: Blockchain and its layers

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Blockchain, like the onion, also has its layers.

The work week is nearing the end, and I'm out of sync with my writing goals on blockchain and related topics. A personal compromise, which I believe I will not keep.

If I can't meet my self-imposed goals! How will I ever be able to commit to anyone else on anything?

Perhaps this is an example of the many dilemmas to be solved in the realms of life.

Maybe you can relate to me on this one too, writer or artist friend.  

I don't like to call creative people content creators, although it is widespread in the web jargon; I think it is an incomplete denomination. An appellation without substance to contain the expression of the human soul. 

Yes, I remember a saying that indicates the consequence of wanting to cover many things in a short time. In the end, one ends up doing little. 

So, do not lie to yourself. Be aware that no matter how much you want to be highly productive. You end up paying the price and making sacrifices. I just hope it's worth it. 

Well! Let's leave the chatter between fellow writers and readers. I would like to talk to you about the minimum of what one should know if one wants to enter the crypto-verse on the right foot.

Crypto-verse vocabulary

Yes, my friend! There are big words here. Words, whose purposes are to anchor us in the ideas of an unfinished future in permanent formation.

Search for crypto-verse in the encyclopedias of the web. You will not find a clear consensus on the subject. Not at least at the time of writing. 

So the crypto-verse will be what we define in the process directly or indirectly.

I think you see the quicksand we are walking on.

Well! Today I don't want to talk to you about what I think of the crypto-verse. That's a topic for another time. I'm interested in rambling a little about that layering thing in Blockchains. 

You may ask, why should I be interested in such a technicality?

I think a lot if you are looking to invest in worthy projects and not in cryptos and scam tokens with no real utility.

So don't complain later if you get caught in the naivety of the greedy. I've already been caught; Believe me: it doesn't feel good.

In my early days, I heard (repeatedly) about layer one and layer two solutions, sidechains, and Dapps. A mess in my fevered head of earning cryptos left and right.

I couldn't see the difference between Web 2.0 and Web3 applications. I'll be honest, even from a technical point of view, it's difficult for me. 

In any case, ordinary people just want it easy and uncomplicated. Get in the car, push the ignition button and start. They don't care about the science and technology behind the engine.

But my friend! If I'm afraid to be wrong, I think you are that kind of not ordinary person: you understand how both the bicycle and the most advanced Tesla work.

So you will know the difference between investing with the knowledge or without it. Of course, an investment is a weighted risk where many variables are involved. Who is assured of success, and swimming against the tide is dangerous?

The crypto-verse is a four-tiered edifice.

Let's go back to that layering thing, yes!

As far as I know! The crypto-verse is being built in four layers: 

  • Layer 0: The foundations refer to the hardware and software infrastructure.  

  • Layer 1: This is where the Blockchain magic happens: and where (in Vitalik Buterin's words) it tries to solve the famous trilemma: Scalability, Security, and Decentralization.

  • Layer 2: Where third-party applications (although not necessary) try to solve the vulnerabilities of some of the vertices of the trilemma.

  • Layer 3: Where they nest the user interface to exploit the features offered by blockchain-based ecosystems.

  • Ask yourself now, where do the cryptos and tokens in your portfolio operate? Will the potential to appreciate and reach the moon be enough?

Of course, I'm not telling you to become a technical and fundamental analyst. But I am telling you to understand where you stand. Imagine a building without a foundation in the middle of a storm.  

Ask yourself, how does the Dapp you use to improve your world, and what blockchain is it built on?

Source: Image generated by Stable Diffusion and edited by me

Final thoughts

In my opinion, ignorance is one of the burdens of an unsatisfactory life and one that leads to the waste of opportunities. 

I agree. One can live with ignorance at one's own expense and say, I am happier not knowing anything beyond my reach. But that will not help you to improve your current situation. 

Crypto-verse is booming, despite the adverse actions and narratives of the naysayers, who want its development, unless they master it.

There is so much to learn in this ongoing technological revolution. 

If you want a bigger bite on these concepts, I leave you below the link to two articles posted on Medium. Although without remorse, I invite you to first check here at You'll find gems of information.

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