The Blockchain, a means for a fair deal?

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October 10, 2021

It is time to talk about the world associated with blockchain. I usually watch some YouTube channels that deal with this topic to find out about some trends on the internet.

Well! It may not be the best option for this purpose since every day, the censorship algorithm of the popular platform forces critical content creators to watch what they say for fear of being banned. Some chose to try alternatives multimedia media such as Odysse (replacement for from the Lbry Foundation that works under blockchain technology.

By the way, this decentralized multimedia content platform faces a lawsuit from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for the alleged sale of unregistered securities. See:

For some time, I used every day since I gave LBC tokens for watching videos and interacting, and I even uploaded some music videos of my own without much success. Maybe I lacked a greater consistency. Also, while it is a valuable alternative, its performance still cannot compete with YouTube. Imagine watching choppy videos. Some claim that it is because of the speed of the connection something, some the Google conglomerate has long resolved.

However, the LBC random incentive kept me active on the platform when the token was trading above 25 cents.

Everything changed when I received a distasteful email from the Lbry Foundation. They informed me about the exclusion of my account from the incentive program. Also thanked in advance that they will not appeal about it. I guess that the stock soared from the withdrawal of 800 LBC I had in my portfolio. Sure, I can still use the platform but without rewards from the Foundation.

If memory serves me, days later, I saw on the Odysse page the request for support to protest the SEC's lawsuit because it threatens the crypto industry.

I will be honest with you. Without being badly grateful, I did not feel an iota of solidarity for those who mistreated a consistent user days before. The problem is not the exclusion of some incentive, but sometimes words are unnecessary. To suppress the right to appeal, to be heard, is to disregard the right to expression; A total contradiction for those who claim to defend freedom of expression.

Source: Image by msumuh on Pixaba

In the Bitcoin Cash community, an attack like this by government bodies is not possible. There are no foundations or companies that represent the totality of the community's interests.

Yes! In Bitcoin Cash there are investors, developers, miners, and users who exchange BCH, but not a visible head. I wonder, what will be the weakest link in the chain in Bitcoin Cash?

In the case of the Lbry Chain, the weakest link turned out to be the Foundation itself that underpins the development. Today the price of the LBC oscillates around three cents on the dollar.

Another aspect that I observe. The content creators with a great base of followers when they entered Lbry, now Odysse saw that they did not follow them. Therefore, the income is not profitable.

In the end, even the business model that operates on YouTube is more profitable with everything and censorship. In this sense, I see how they apply self-censorship and moderate the speech to prevent it from being detected by the platform's algorithm.

I also wonder, how many of these followers will be human in a world where legions of bots dominate social media?

The last question is terrifying to me. It connotes that, every day, we are less relevant to large corporations.

Many put their hope in the blockchain and the libertarian ideal that it showed in its beginnings. Someone once said, "With the internet's rise and the explosion of social media, there would be greater freedom. For example, YouTube was a great space until Google acquired it. Now it is far from being a space for the free expression of ideas and content.

I understand that there must be a set of consensual norms for healthy coexistence, but the extremes are inconvenient. Well said to the ancient Greeks, virtue is just in the middle. Something that today we do not see anywhere, as you can conjecture in these lines.

Meanwhile, we are left to support any initiative within Web 3.0, however disruptive it may be, that frees us, even, from ourselves.

I think the important thing is that we all receive fair treatment, regardless of the interests at stake, whether on the part of YouTube, Lbry, or any other type of organization.

An original article By @Jnavedan

Cover image by Sam riz on Pixabay

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Technology has advanced to a point, that the imagination already falls short for what may come in the future. Trust me!

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Hello, my friend,

If you are right. Technology is the trigger for the lifestyle of society.

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