The Big Reset: Choose your option

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In recent years, international forums have discussed the need to apply a global economic reset. What does this mean for you? How will it affect you? What can you do about it?

If you do not know about the agenda of the Great Reset, you can enter the official website of the world economic forum based in Davos - Switzerland. There was recently a virtual meeting last month, they even talked about cryptocurrencies.

There is a saying that goes, "There’s no smoke without fire." So it is a good idea to prepare for what is coming, although I think this is already being implemented behind the sanitary measures in the framework of the pandemic. Many will have been caught off guard.

Imagine being unemployed overnight, because a local, regional or global government authority implements an environmental policy that affects the sector where you work. It also institutes a monetary standard based on a change in the financial paradigm. The analog model is replaced by a digital one under the control of the central banks of the countries assisted by Artificial Intelligence. Cash disappears from everyday transactions.

They've been working for it for a long time. The advancement and convergence of technologies will make possible an ancient dream of standardizing processes to achieve maximum efficiency. It sounds wonderful when it is justified in saving the planet from old consumer practices, but the problem lies in how it affects you. Perhaps, you are part of those affected by collateral damage, which by the way, of which no one speaks openly.

So, don't expect someone who advocates for change to save you from things to come. Perhaps, you are already considered within the statistics, cold numbers, who are willing to sacrifice or leave to their fate.

However, similar processes have occurred in the past, those who had a vision and worked accordingly weathered the storm, even came out stronger.

It is not too late to prepare for what is coming. Evaluate the available options and do not get paralyzed by threats. The worst thing you can do is deny reality or procrastinate the actions you should take.

An ideal option would be to abandon the system and seek a self-sustaining life, but this implies losing the supposed comforts of living in large cities. The other extreme is trying to twist the arm of the financial elite by supporting the adoption of an alternative model, such as the one that underpins Satoshi Nakamoto's initial project, and which currently embodies Bitcoin Cash.

However, explore other options, the ones that best suit you under your circumstances. Remember, although doing nothing is an option, I think it is not the most convenient.

I suggest you do a brief mental exercise. Both you and I are enthusiastic and for now, we have access to technology. We have started a journey of knowledge on the internet venturing into a digital economy. Somewhat intimidating at first, but challenging because of the range of options to grow as a content creator or investor in the crypto market. Perhaps, you will study hard some programming language or graphic design and start an online business in the nascent niches of Web 3.0. If you are successful, you will surely be if you work hard and don't give up on failure. You will have achieved an alternative in the new world. As long as those elites don't eliminate the trails that today's enthusiasts blaze. It is a risky bet with a real chance of success.

On the other hand, if you live in a big city, and you decide to get as far away as possible from the comfort to live from the work of the land. It will not be an easy task if you are like me, used to being an urban animal. In this sense, you will have to quickly learn the essentials and look for an intermediate place where you can find people willing to help you. A virtue in extinction in our days.

Of course, this is just a mental exercise. In what needs to be done, it seems simple to state both ways, but carrying it out requires great decisions and sacrifices.

Whichever path you choose, don't delay too long. Remember, the reset plan is already underway, and you are the architect of destiny. With the permission of God, you will be successful.

Original article by @Jnavedan

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