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The enemy pretends to be your friend

Nine days ago, the YouTube channel Deutsche Welle (DW Documentary) uploaded a video of more than forty minutes about Bitcoin, entitled: "The Mystery of Satoshi. Bitcoin, how did it all start?"

I wonder why an international broadcasting service funded by the German federal fiscal budget would broadcast such a production.

Perhaps the anti-systemic nature of Bitcoin is now well-regarded by the Establishment.

Or perhaps there is a rift between the elites, with one faction seeking to capitalize? 

Well! I don't know. But it certainly raises a lot of suspicions.

Also, if you've been paying attention to the latest news. You may have noticed some of it pointing to adverse reactions to BlackRock, the world's largest investment fund. 

Did you know that this financial institution, owner of bigger shareholdings in the world's largest companies, works with your contributions to the retirement system and with the blessing of politicians?

Who pays the piper calls the tune. But in this case, the one who rules is the one who mediates.

I remember the Latin expression: bread and circuses. 

In any case, the current power is more entangled than ever.

Although, if you think about it! What happens is not very different in monarchies, dictatorships, or supposed democracies. Whether the King, the beloved leader, the prime minister, or the president elected by the people. Finally, they (tend) to abuse power to the detriment of those they supposedly protect or serve. 

The power of the people does not exist, except sporadically in rebellions, when the stomach awakens the natural instincts of preservation. 

So, at the drop of a hat, I thought, "I must discover evidence of the reason for the broadcast of a French documentary from late 2021."

Hear Andreas Antonopoulos say that Bitcoin is collective by definition and the result of decades of experimentation and research. And that it is currently only understood by a minority. That it is complicated to use. But that, in the end, it will prevail. It made me see, on the one hand, a manifest or unconscious contradiction when compared to what I know about the currency backed by any country.

Who knows for sure how fiat money works? People only use money as a means to buy and sell. 

If Bitcoin wouldn't work that way. Then it wouldn't be money for everyday use.

Somewhere in the video (the omniscient narrator of Satoshi Nakamoto) expresses that Bitcoin is a currency. But it is also an instrument of speculation and a store of value.

Here I see the trap. He forgets its use as a unit of measurement or benchmark.

On the other hand, I differ from the statement about the purpose of Bitcoin as an instrument of speculation. Have you read Bitcoin's Whitepaper? Tell me, where is this stated? Nowhere.

As the documentary progressed, Satoshi Nakamoto's fictional omniscient narrator snuck in reflections on his anonymity and visions about the Bitcoin project. However, I missed the objective underpinnings that justified other projects.

In fact, I heard the voice of maximalists generalized with subtle disdain: the motive that drives the other alternative crypto projects by calling them Altcoins.

It struck me as odd that he bypassed the Hard Fork attempts. In particular, the one that gave continuity to the Bitcoin project: was Bitcoin Cash.

Of course, you don't have to agree with me.

Well! Here are countless bytes about it since 2017, inclusive, since before, and confronting views. 

If one wants to be objective and fair about bitcoin. Any researcher or broadcaster should strive to know and address the conflicting sides. Otherwise, these run the risk (consciously or unconsciously) of becoming a propagandistic medium.

Roughly speaking, the documentary is excellent in the form: of a product of high quality. But in terms of substance, and in my opinion, it purposely lacks objectivity.

I do not doubt the good intentions of the producers, but as an adage attributed to Dante says: the sidewalks leading to hell are paved with good intentions. 
In any case, at minute 41:52 of the documentary, I understood the connoted motive that justifies the broadcast at this time.

In November 2021, the bitcoin cryptocurrency reached its all-time high at over $67,000 for one bitcoin.

A few months later, it plunged.

In November 2022, its value fell below $16,000.

On the eve of the launches of digital currencies of central banks, they will prepare public opinion to adopt a variant of blockchain and cryptographic technology (endorsed by states on the way to a global coalition).

Source: Image by Julien Tromeur on Pixabay 

Final Thoughts

I hate to recur on this topic, but I can't let go of what I consider a new manipulation underway.

I would like to write about what is fantastic about KimDotCom's latest innovation (Cashrain) and the roadmap proposed by consensus by the development team and see the potential impact on social networks.

But here I am again, like a sentinel, sounding the alert.

Someone must watch it!

I hope that you, who come to read me, help to spread light in the face of the darkness that comes upon us. Perhaps we are still in time to fight for freedom.

In this sense, I want to bring you some fragments of Satoshi's words dramatized in the documentary that will put your mind on alert:

I will never be far. Otherwise, under another name I continue programming. Data protection is the mission of cypher punks.

Who wants to protect data today?

Freedom must be won over and over again.

When were we free?

I, Satoshi, wanted to create an alternative to banks, states and large corporations without faces.

Did Bitcoin fail?

Undoubtedly, we are all at a crossroads.

In case you are a newbie to the crypto-verse. I recommend you dig into the history of bitcoin. He assured you, you will find that the highest market capitalization bitcoin is not the real bitcoin.

An original article by @Jnavedan

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