Offline Writing: An Almost Forgotten Experience

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The writing experience is varied

The modern way of life is determined by electric power. We are so accustomed to public lighting, appliances, and gadgets that it is hard to undertake a simple task without them.

A power supply is fundamental and even vital depending on the time and latitude you live.

Of course, if you think about it, it has always been that way: At least from the man first used fire at will to his advantage.

The demographic explosion and the current distribution of human populations are consequences of electrical technology.

In this sense, civilization would collapse in a short time without this technology. I imagine such a world; it would be a throwback to a pre-industrial era.

Some spokespersons warn of the threat of a major general and global-scale blackout in the doors. Movies like "The Day It All Stopped" or other similar apocalyptic films show scary potential dystopias that are not far-fetched.

Well! You don't need a significant global catastrophe to taste a taste of such effects. It is enough to review the current news to learn of the shortcomings in this particular, for example, in the affectation by torrential rains.

In case best, these are temporary interruptions in power supply and communications. At worst, irrecoverable losses, including life itself.

As I write these lines, I use pencil and paper, a rough draft to edit my ideas as I go along. It has been a long time since I have used handwriting: the reason is a prolonged power outage of almost 12 hours, which has just ended.

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So last night, I slept in total darkness and without the affectation of radio frequencies emitted by the dozens of wireless routers of the WiFi networks. 

In the morning, still in the dark, I remembered more than one dreamlike scene, but now fuzzy. You know! If you don't write them down right after waking up: you end up forgetting them if they are not such traumatic experiences.

In any case, I judge it convenient to learn and acquire skills that make us less dependent on the system.

Of course, it's easy to get used to the multiple tools that make life enjoyable and a global and multicultural reach: unknown to past generations.

Undoubtedly the energy revolution, in its different stages, raised us several steps above the various species of the planet: it is a reality that marks us for better or worse.

Well, for now, I do not intend to elevate myself in transcendental considerations. Philosophizing brings many discoveries and benefits to the soul, just as contemplation brings calm in times like these.  

I only want to share with you the fact of not discarding the skills outside the scope of the technology required for power supply.  

I love to write. In a drawer of my night table, I have several beautiful fountain pens that I have not used for years because of the benefits offered by word processors.   

Yes, writing with an online spell checker with access to synonyms and antonyms, word and character counters, only to name some features, makes your life as a writer easier.

So my morning without electricity forced me to return to the handwriting of the days when these wonders (computers) were still only used by university elites. 

Think of a time not so long ago.  

Yes, when manuscripts were produced after research in libraries.

Now, one does not need the expertise of the reel typewriter. Nor to go to the printing press to bring the manuscripts to many people. The digital format on the Internet is perfect for broadcasting ideas and stories.

Of course, I admire the efficiency of those who transcribe without looking at the keyboard at an astonishing speed. I am the type of person who writes patiently with one finger on each hand, but I still achieve my goals.

Besides, now one also can translate almost instantaneously into other languages.

But if everything collapses suddenly.

What would happen with all that information growing exponentially?

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Knowledge and technology undoubtedly make life easier for people in the 21st century. A life system based on the exploitation of energy.

Today, I lived one of those days without an electricity supply, and it reminded me how dependent we are on it. 

Feeling the texture of the paper when sliding the pencil made me relive an almost-forgotten experience. In that sense, maintaining handwriting skills not only helps to balance ideas but also helps spatial perception.

The present writing piece started as a manuscript and finished digitally. So maintaining both methods of writing gives versatility.

Well! Today you can have a laptop with a battery life of more than twelve hours. Unfortunately, mine is pretty old and has a defective battery.

So going rudimental and manual can also contribute to your productivity, don't be paralyzed: only adapt for the duration of any setback or anomaly.

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Sometimes I do offline writing and compare the 2 offline and online. I must prefer offline.. Because it is easy to write.. (in my opinion)

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