Naivete is ageless on the Web and nowhere else

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1 year ago

Between reality and the moral dimension

"A tank without water, what need does it have for fish?"

Arabic proverb

Yesterday, I made a brief comment about this proverb. Thinking about the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies, especially connotatively focused on Bitcoin Cash.

But before posting it, I had a digital flash of how naive one can be, by moment.

What is naivety?

Well, in a broad sense, naivete is the lack of malice. You will agree with me that it sounds good. If the hearts of all men lacked malice or wickedness, how different would the world be!

I do not intend to walk through the clouds in this article, philosophizing about morality and what should be. No..!

On the contrary, I would like to address naivety from personal experience, projecting it into a desire of one group of idealists. At least as a reflection.

Let me tell and explain, my dear reader.

I don't know if you saw @MarcDeMesel 's latest video on YouTube or Odysee?

If you didn't see it, I leave the two links below for you to enjoy. If you are like me, and your listening skills in English still need to improve, I recommend you use the automatic subtitles in English on YouTube, and you find out and learn from their experience.

After uploading a premiere on YouTube, one must wait a reasonable time for the subtitles to be activated. Sometimes it takes longer than usual. At least, I think that happened this time with Marc's video. So, I left a message expressing myself about it.

After a short time, the subtitle option appears to my satisfaction, and voila. I was able to follow the speech.

To make the story short. In YouTube notifications, I received a notice where Marc pinned my comment. But then, a couple of days later, I saw another message that gives, in part, substance to this article.

Imagine, Marc asks me if I could leave a message for the number that heads the sentence to deliver something big to me.

Well, you will tell me. "Don't tell me, did you fall for such a gross deception?"

Yes and no!

At first, I said to myself, How strange! What will he have to talk to me, and what does he have to give me?

Without thinking, I replied to the message apologizing for the delay in my response. Telling him to contact me through or Not even a minute passed when my intuition ordered me to delete the message.

You understand me now!

At the time, I was naive. The Internet is an environment where any unscrupulous person can try to grab you in good faith.

Then, I made the respective minimal revision, checking my intuition.

My dad used to say, "every day, a fool goes out on the street; whoever grabs him belongs to him."

Yesterday I almost got caught for being naive.

The current world is dangerous like the old one; it doesn't matter if you are in the metaverse. One must be alert to avoid falling into traps along the way.

Now I want to return to the proverb that starts the article, but from the point of view focused on naivety regarding the mass adoption of Bitcoin Cash.

For those who write here, Bitcoin Cash is the real bitcoin. BCH continues the original purpose. So, if you're a newcomer to the community, it's in your best interest to dig as deep as you can into the available items. Don't be naive letting yourself get caught by those who hijacked part of the name of Satoshi Nakamoto's White paper.

Likewise, it is also naive to think of the mass adoption of BCH, with all the libertarian potential that it implies, without any resistance.

And that is where the problem lies. Many malicious people are betting and working for the failure of BCH.

In my opinion, you have to fill the pond with water for the fish to arrive. I see an effort in this direction with the growth of the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. The entry into the operation of SmartBCH was a correct step.

We need more awake people with an attitude and active intuition that counteracts the obstacles of the malicious with actions.

Evil rides everywhere in search of naive people. My father was right.

It's okay to be naive! But not stupid or weak when it comes to being free.

An original article by @Jnavedan

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I end by thanking all my colleagues in the community, who add value every day here. As well as all my sponsors for believing in the content I share with you.

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1 year ago


I did not see that coming. So all this time the account was fake? You almost fell from it friend. Atleast you save yourself and delete the message you are about to send.

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1 year ago

I did not see that coming. So all this time the account was fake? You almost fell from it friend. Atleast you save yourself and delete the message you are about to send.

Well, think about it. The channel is legitimate and the video too. The catch is in the message left in the comment thread, it's a hook. If you see that the username is not shaded. Rest assured, it is an attempt to trick you.

Also, someone like Marc de Mesel does not need to ask you to contact him by any private means.

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1 year ago