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Microblogging. Do you still use Facebook or Twitter?

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2 months ago

The problem of Free Speech

Like you, I probably have several accounts on social media, although, to be honest, I'm not very active.

While I admit, these are great apps if you want to make and maintain contacts, not just with friends and family. Although, I also found them to be a disturbing intrusion into privacy's peace of mind.

Of course! I understand the addiction of the hedonistic phenomenon and the implicit projection of the ego that leads to entertainment and the demand for attention. However, let's not underestimate the connoted advertising potential where the product is one.

Very gloomy hypotheses have been woven about these applications. You will have heard that they use them to manipulate public opinion or collect information for purposes not only commercial but to create databases for government intelligence.

Although, perhaps what bothers you the most, like me, is the ability to censor yourself and consequently restrict your free speech.

In this sense, this is a reaction to prevent people from coordinating protests against abuses by governments and mega-corporations.

In recent weeks, the news of what happens and will happen to Twitter after being acquired by Elon Musk has grabbed the headlines.

Influencers argue for or against the claims of the new owner of the emblematic company with the blue bird logo.

Some leave the platform and migrate to Mastodon, an application created in 2016 based on the Fediverso (Federation + universe), where they supposedly escape from the sinister plans of the megalomaniac Musk.

Meanwhile, we, who timidly and unconsciously entered Web3, tested Dapps in search of monetization of our interaction and thus leaving behind a system that exploited us for a long time.

Let's not forget projects like Noise.Cash and now Noise.App. Although these are still on the border between web 2.0 and Web3, these offer us a fairer experience that aspires to voluntary solidarity and mutual support to sustain itself over time.

In any case, I have reservations regarding the claims of the mega-corporations of the social media of Web 2.0. Offering more latitude for free speech and options for payment for shared content can bring a facelift to continue sinister goals.

If something must be clear In the middle of the 21st century: it is that the most precious asset is not free speech but the truth, which is at its core.

You now understand the purpose of the Fake News narrative.

Of course, the problem of truth has always been with us. And it represents a difficult obstacle to overcome for being emotional beings and sensory limited to appreciate the brute reality.

Continuing with the topic, by now, sure, you have heard rumors about the potential resignation of the CEO of Meta. In this sense, it seems that the facelift on all fronts will continue so that everything remains the same.

The visible faces of companies can change. Even technological references can lead to bankruptcies when these lose utility for the actors behind them.

So, don't look too much at Musk, Dorsey, or Zuckerberg; they are all pawns orchestrated to grab attention in the big picture of crowd control.

Also, do not blindly trust the absolute anonymity of presumed altruists.

Trust yourself, and choose the path to the truth that leads you to freedom.

Source: Rafael Javier on Pixabay 


I admit the issue of freedom is quite hard. Even, illusory on the ontological.

In any case, I think it is a fight that must take place internally so that it transcends beyond you.

In this sense, if one finds its truth without the intrusion of interested parties, what importance would the means that you use have beyond the circumstantial?

Using: Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Mastodon, Diaspora, TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, TWech, Bastyon, Bitpost, Noise.Cash, and Noise.App, only to name a few I know of. So should not affect you if you're consistent with a message based on your truth.

So, if there is utility in microblogging to feel the reality beyond your environment and transmit a relevant message, then go ahead.

As for me, I just try not to succumb to the songs of sirens, and in this sense, sometimes I resort to the same tactic as Odysseus and tie myself to the mast of my boat.

An original article by @Jnavedan

The thumbnail cover image by  Gerd Altmann on Pixabay 

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Written by   254
2 months ago
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Every day, I use LinkedIn, a professional network, and reshare LinkedIn posts on Twitter. Now, I also reshare ReadCash posts on Twitter and sometimes on Facebook.

Recently, I interviewed one of my LinkedIn connections, Lance Scoular from Australis, about "The Impact of Social Media on Global Trade." It is a recorded live video.

He heavily used LinkedIn and Twitter to get leads to his offline business during the last fifteen-plus years.

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2 months ago

Hello, Mr. Choudhury

I too am on Linkedin, but already I don't use it. I know of its utility for many people like you. So any media spreading the knowledge is good.

Although I don't speak fluence English, I am going to watch your interview with Mr. Lance Scoular about the Impact of Social Media on Global Trade.

Thanks for stopping by.

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2 months ago

as of now I only have Facebook, and it helps me to keep my contact with my friends and even my family and watch videos in my free time, It also helps me to be aware of daily news, especially an upcoming storm, I don't usually watch TV for news these days. I dont give time to read those fake news or anything disturbing , I can freely scroll up or down to thing Im interested to

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2 months ago

Hello, my friend.

Yes, one is not an island. You need to find out what is happening around you by exercising your intelligence.

Of course, one must be careful not to fall for the distractions that abound in social media.

Thanks for stopping by.

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2 months ago

Freedom of speech is a result of misinformation also..

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2 months ago

Without a doubt, my friend. Who has the absolute truth?

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2 months ago