How to be a creative and successful blogger?

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Be creative and successful in modern times.

Wow, what a tremendous commitment the title of the article implies. It's even kind of suicidal, don't you think! Of course, figuratively speaking. 

So, whoever intends to teach others (whatever field) must at least demonstrate verifiable and valid experience in the subject matter.

So, I will understand if you choose to stop reading and abandon this article. I am no better than you in the art of blogging

In my last articles, I briefly addressed the concepts of efficiency, productivity, and profitability: focusing on creative work, especially the art of writing.

The art of writing comes from constancy 

A complex art whose rules ensure the place where ideas converge and trigger the imagination towards unusual frontiers.        

Moreover, now for those who participate in social networks, it is not enough to write just for pleasure. It is enough to satisfy the demand for attention and overcome algorithmic obstacles to see the number of followers grow. 

The blogging environment is highly competitive and demands not only talent and creativity. It also requires knowledge of the technological environment where you host your art.

So, the blogger's content must satisfy the tastes of the masses if he wants to grow in the audience and receive favorable votes to attract sponsors.

There will be those who will object to this way of looking at art. Calling art content and subordinating it to the scrutiny of fashionable opinion sounds mercantilist and lacking in creativity. 

The world is like that. And if some can make a profit, it will call it what it wants. 

Master the medium first. Originality will follow.

In any case, a blogger is a writer who must express himself with correctness and originality to arouse expectation and emotion in those who read them. 

So, to be a creative blogger, first, walk the writer's path. Experience the potential of language until the genius of language dwells in you.

Write daily, and publish without fear of error or hard criticism. Of course, strive to improve each piece of writing by incorporating well-intentioned recommendations. Even harsh criticism teaches you great lessons. Be humble. 

Above all, let your ideas and feelings guide your fingers on the keyboard. You will be pleasantly surprised. Of course, you must also master a few styles until yours emerges. In that sense, read good literature. So that good practices nest in your subconscious. 

Enjoy the journey, and don't worry about achieving success. In time you will see that success is a relative and timeless concept. Many geniuses were misunderstood by their contemporaries.

Well, yes! I include myself in the believers in enjoying the benefits of art as long as one lives. But it's not worth getting bitter while it's coming.   

Success has many edges: choose the one that suits you and makes you happy. The world is big enough for everyone.

Final thoughts

We all know how to define what we want: to be efficient, productive, creative, and famous, just to name a few. But how to achieve it is part of science and art in action.

So keep moving. Don't stop before challenges. Strive for small victories: the big ones will come on their own. A positive attitude and resilience in the face of failure will take you far.

You know how! You always knew. Let go of laziness, change the habits that keep you from moving forward and move on to your nearest small victory when you're in front of the computer. 

Big goals are achieved through small steps without unnecessary pauses.

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I end by thanking all my colleagues in the community, who add value every day here. As well as all my sponsors for believing in the content I share with you.  

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thank you for these tips, it's just that laziness has always been my hindering problemm hahaha

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