How much of a crypto writer are you?

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Writing sheds light on crypto.

When I started my stage as an online writer, I never thought of tackling topics related to the crypto-verse.

In fact, I just wanted to dedicate myself to a profitable activity to increase my income due to the booming hyperinflation my country was going through.

I still remember applying and writing a post as a copywriter at Lowpost; I did not claim the payment, approximately six Euros.

So I quit the job. The idea of giving up the authorship of my articles did not go with my vision as a writer.

Perhaps the (deeper) reason was ego and the perception that too much work for too little money.

At first, my intention was to gain experience in digital jobs as a freelancer in the writing field, which I thought was one of my best skills.

Finally, I found Steemit, and without a second thought, I jumped into an unknown world that changed the person I am today.

Yes, that was the start where I transitioned through and tried to reinvent every day.

But enough about me! I think you are here because of the title of the article. So let's digress together in the following lines.

Whether you're a reader or a fellow writer, it's good to know that if you read me, it's because we converge on a theme within our interests or purposes.

Are you interested in learning about the world of cryptocurrencies, or what defines a writer about the crypto-verse? Maybe you're looking for a point of reference?

It's one thing to write within a Blockchain-based platform, such as Steemit or Hive, where posts are recorded and remain immutable. And quite another to write about crypto-verse in any medium, centralized or not.

For example, there are websites, such as HackeNoon or Publish0x, with excellent content about technology and cryptocurrencies and reward with tokens or offer contests where you can win them.

If you don't know! These writing platforms do not generate or issue cryptocurrencies or other tokens. They only have, at best, algorithms that credit them to the address you specify from their own wallets.

Also, like the Meta sites, your items are uploaded to their servers.

In the case of, it's a writing website very cool. Without being a DApp, an acronym for decentralized application, it is a repository of relatively extensive where the topics of the crypto-verse go beyond Bitcoin Cash.

It means then; that because I write here, I am already a crypto writer.

In my opinion, no.

Of course, you don't have to agree with me.

At least for me, it has been an enriching journey in many ways. Which does not make me an expert on cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin Cash.

Besides, a writer writes consistently, bringing a relevant perspective that adds value to those who read them.

Of course, a writer in this field requires, in addition to expertise, some techno-scientific knowledge. Only then can he understand why cryptocurrencies are so attractive and feared by the guarantors of the current system.

I'm sure you've already spotted more than one here: Not only because they share tutorials on novel products such as decentralized finance (DEFI). In addition, they expose the fundamentals of these without being biased or wanting to ingratiate themselves with any sponsor.

The crypto writer has the virtue of bringing the complexities of cryptographic ecosystems to the ordinary reader without much knowledge in this area to encourage him to join the new revolution of thought.

It is not about sold speculation, the purpose of which is to give you time to launch the digital currencies of the central banks (CDBCs). In such a way, to consolidate power and abort the liberating project embodied in the original Bitcoin: the ideology of the cyberpunks summarized by Satoshi Nakamoto.

At this point, I ask you again, how much of a crypto writer are you?

Please don't answer me. I'll just settle for you meditating on these ramblings of the last Monday of September 2022.

Final Thoughts

One may think that a crypto writer writes in the shadows or uses a secret code reserved only for the initiated.

Well! I've seen it in other areas, but here the point was to show you that one must dig under the skin if you want to understand what a crypto project is all about. 

If one intends to become a crypto writer, one must avoid becoming a parrot in the service of the manipulators. The problem is that their deceptions are so subtle and so seasoned with greed that you don't even realize it.

Be very careful.

In any case, do your research, write to the best of your ability and let your readers rate you. 

A writer is made by constantly writing and reading about his passion.

If your passion is cryptocurrencies and crypto-verse. Then, write to the point of exhaustion, but without fanaticism and striving for the truth.

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I end by thanking all my colleagues in the community, who add value every day here. As well as all my sponsors for believing in the content I share with you.  

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