Hark Fork 26 Evolution on Hive: Done!

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Evolution on Hive

October 11, 2022

Today the Hark Fork 26 Evolution was implemented on the Hive Blockchain: I know from experience that one must wait for a prudent time to use the blockchain safely. Who knows where the Bugs will come out in the protocol update while the witnesses tune the nodes?

If you don't know Hive and are eager to develop your skills as a writer, musician, or artist. This is the place for you. Sure, first, you'll have to get around the hill of learning something about the crypto-verse and the use of MarkDown. 

Hive is an open-source Blockchain project geared toward Crypto Social Media:  

Caesura-free and immutable content (freedom of expression), whose consensus mechanism is DPoS (Proof of Delegated Participation).

I still remember my beginnings in Hive. I supported (as a member of the community) the coordinated action (Soft Fork) that made it independent from the Steem platform in 2020 after Justin Sun acquired the company from Steemit Inc.

I know all too well the business's dynamics. Especially when it comes to money. The Steemit - Hive case brought attention at the time because it was an episode of a blockchain governance dispute.

After two years, I could accept that Justin Sun was only exercising the right to Ninja shares (30% of Steem's supply minted at the time of the project's creation). But was it acceptable to break the agreement between the creators and the community? Clearly not.

In that sense, Hive is something like Bitcoin Cash is to Bitcoin. But instead of operating with Proof of Work (PoW). It has a Proof of Brain (PoB) to distribute the rewards that fall into a pool.

I wonder if Hive is better than Steem.

I'd be lying to you if I'd answer and recommend one over the other. Initially, I wanted to use both platforms for my writing without self-replicating content on both. You know, for the sake of originality and not falling into spam on the Web. 

Also, a few months later, I was fortunate enough to learn about read.cash. Yes, I admit it. It doesn't work like a Blockchain, so it lacks the advantages of decentralization. But undoubtedly: it has a community of remarkable writers; who opened my understanding of the crypto-verse in general.

As a writer, I regularly seek out websites (especially Web3) in the hope e find innovation in features and functions as exposure to other audiences and communities with like-minded interests.

The result so far has been disappointing. Perhaps, the benchmarks (Hive and ReadCash) in their respective niches are still leading the way.  

Source: Image by mohamed Hassan on Pixabay 

Final thoughts

A Hard Fork in a Blockchain protocol is a significant event. More so when the community of developers, investors, and creatives is focused and cohesive in means and ends. So it will always be welcome. Who would oppose progress for all? 

Sure, sometimes there are irreconcilable controversies in visions and purposes. In this case, conflict is inevitable if they are kept in the same arena. Here, too, the Hard Fork is a healthy path. In the end, the best will prevail if they are sensible.

At the time of writing, I do not observe (on the Discord forums) any widespread complaints about the effects of Hard Fork 26 Evolution. We will have to wait until tomorrow or read the reports from the lead developers. 

So, if you are a member of any community on Hive, I encourage you to use the ecosystem with caution. Avoid making transactions with your valuable HIVE, HBD, or Tokens until you are sure: the implementation is working perfectly. 

Also, I don't want to miss the opportunity to ask a favor of you, my friend who reads me. Undoubtedly, others who join me will also thank you for the information. If you know of another blockchain or Dapps about this one whose purpose is social media or blogging, let them know in the comment thread. It's always good to breathe fresh air.   

In the meantime, get to know and enjoy Hive. And needless to say: enjoy reading and writing on read.cash. 

P.S.: If you want to know the changes to the Hive Protocol, click on the following link: https://peakd.com/hive/@hiveio/the-evolution-of-hive-hardfork-26 

An original article by @Jnavedan

The thumbnail and cover image by Stable Diffusion (CC01.0 license by Creative Commons)

I end by thanking all my colleagues in the community, who add value every day here. As well as all my sponsors for believing in the content I share with you.  

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