Halloween day or White Paper Bitcoin day?

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1 year ago

Yesterday, I broke my writing routine to attend a family appointment. In truth, there is no such thing as a perfect plan. So one must try to be flexible and adapt as best as possible to the circumstances. Giving priority to what is (really) important.

Initially, I thought, "Well, I'll take the laptop or write on my smartphone." But I'm already too used to the writing environment to write fluently elsewhere. 

So, try as I might, writer's block was present.  

I need to work on this and become more versatile again: become a traveling writer if necessary. 

Well! I'll leave the semi-informal talk and go to the matter that captured my attention yesterday.

Sitting on the bunk and in front of the laptop, I noticed a vertical line on the screen.  

I was momentarily unsettled, but soon calm returned to me: my faithful Lenovo ThinkPad Edge laptop has been with me since 2009.

I gave up writing and lay down on the bed. In the background, the voice of an announcer on the open signal of a radio newscast emphatically criticized the largest state-owned bank for imposing restrictions on the withdrawal of money in foreign currency.

I thought to myself, "how deluded. People still think they own Fiat money!" 

The announcer spoke contritely and demanded the fulfillment of duty to be and respect for the supposed rights of citizens.

I smiled and wondered, "is he naive or ignorant?

The state-owned commercial bank, I clarify, not the Central Bank, demands a minimum withdrawal of $200 from the client. 

How crazy is that!

You are supposed to dispose of your money as you wish, and the banks are there to help you and provide you with the necessary services.

Well! This is not the case. At least in my country. Although, I suspect it is a more global reality than it seems to us locally.

Not for nothing, on August 31, the Bitcoin white paper was published.

Yes, today's cryptocurrencies compete, in theory, to be more efficient, cheaper, and faster: Money, where one exercises control over its use. 

I wonder what would go through the mind of Satoshi Nakamoto or the team behind it to upload the White Paper to the web on a Halloween day? 

Although Halloween is not a tradition that originated in my culture. It is clear that it now has a global reach thanks to Western technology and marketing. 

When I was back home, it wasn't long before the doorbell rang, and when I opened it, kids in costumes were asking me for candy.

It is unfortunate to watch parents succumb to indoctrination and allow their children to participate in a global campaign without pondering the implications. 

No doubt, the date chosen by Satoshi was not random, and like the line of burnt pixels on my old laptop is a wake-up call to change the dying system.

After thirteen years, the reasons that gave way to the launch of the Bitcoin project are still alive and kicking. Believe me, the anecdote I told you at the beginning of the article is not a literary invention or a plot device. In truth, banks will abuse you when they deem it necessary. 

The international monetary system, like on Halloween, gives you addictive candy to keep you trapped and under control.

Cryptocurrencies with the DNA of Satoshi Nakamoto's original project offer you the means to obtain healthy food. As well as the freedom to consume it whenever you want. 

Source: https://www.metzdowd.com/pipermail/cryptography/2008-October/014810.html


The Halloween Day of the current International Monetary System is permanent.   

The fiat money you use has never been yours. It is only an instrument to keep you under control.  

Fortunately, one now has alternatives in cryptocurrencies. Of course, you have to be cautious. Just like on Halloween, there will be cryptocurrencies in disguise to confuse you.

Speculation with these is a simile of candy: an appeal to greed. 

The cryptos that suit you: these pursue mass adoption to be used Peer-to-Peer, low cost, fast and secure.

Dreaming of being free is within your reach. Whether it becomes a reality is up to you.

An original article by @Jnavedan

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I end by thanking all my colleagues in the community, who add value every day here. As well as all my sponsors for believing in the content I share with you.  

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1 year ago


That's why it is possible for banks to freeze an account without informing the owner of the account.

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1 year ago

Yes, this is correct. There is still a long way to go to fend off the status quo counteroffensive. I think about the Tornado Cash case and the OFAC sanctions, and I see that we are still very vulnerable.

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1 year ago